Enjoy a Natural High Through the Practice of Meditation

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As people find creative, interesting, or legal ways to get high, now around 18 million people practice meditation. Meditation is a way to relax your mind and your body while also remaining healthy by avoiding adding anything harmful to your body.

If you’re looking for a natural high, meditation is a powerful and cost-free way to get high without hindering your ability to operate heavy machinery.

Meditation has been shown to be able to increase circulation while lowering your heart rate. For people with anxiety, this is a great way to learn to manage your symptoms.

By learning small, quick, and easy to implement meditation techniques, you can reach a higher place more easily each time.

Where drugs can require a higher dosage every time you want to get high, meditation is different. If you want to see how meditation can give you a natural high, follow these 4 tips.

1. Don’t Count Your Breaths

If you start out by counting your breaths, you won’t be able to truly let go of your feelings and dive deeply into the places that get you high. Numbers create a framework that you can’t escape from. There’s a simple linear dimension that makes it hard for your mind to diverge from.

When you start to count your breaths, you set a limit for yourself. If you avoid counting, you’ll be able to go longer than you could have imagined. While you’re inside of your breathing rhythm, you can start to get high by exploring your mind.

That basic rhythm of breathing allows you the opportunity to start to separate your mind from your body. Your physical body is a vessel for the power of your mind. When you trip out, it’s your mind that’s doing it more than the rest of your body.

Get into that state with a simple breathing rhythm. Speak a simple two-syllable mantra if you need to. It can be nonsense, but it will be your mantra that no one else will use. Let that be the key to unlock what’s in your mind.

2. Let Your Mind Go There

The hardest thing for most people to do when they’re meditating is to let their mind go to the strange and dark places it might want to. If you never truly explore those places, you’ll never know what’s there. There could be unexamined issues with friends, family, or from childhood.

What’s exciting is when you push your mind over the edge with meditation. Pushing your mind to its limit will allow you to see the kinds of things that you hide from your self and others. We all create mythologies about ourselves.

Meditation is when we get to hold up a mirror.

This natural high could take you places you never knew existed. There could be strange and unfamiliar associations you never thought you would make. There could be people in your life who you haven’t spoken to but need to.

You never know what kinds of things will come up. There could be projects you’ve let sit around because you couldn’t finish them. Your meditation could be the key to unlocking the door that’s been keeping you from getting to the latest revelation in your own work.

3. Ambient Music Can Help

If you’re struggling with being able to get to that higher place, look for some music. It will take several tries but once you find the perfect mood music, meditation will be easier for you.

Find something that has no clear rhythm and that has a kind of flat dynamic. This can be classical, jazz, or even electronic music.

There’s lots of classical music that has a simple and open kind of structure. Everything from Debussy to Phillip Glass could be potential music for your meditation. Music itself can give you a natural high if it hits you at the right moment.

Jazz is good because the song structures are so long and they have so much improvisation involved. Jazz is a very open medium that you can toss your own feelings into and get lost inside of.

Electronic music has many genres like minimalist techno and trance that are specifically made to be in the background.

Find what works for you and let it aid your high.

4. You Can Revisit Something

When you get high on drugs, it’s hard to remember what happened last time. With meditation, you can remember what happened and go back to that idea you were working on. Getting your natural high on through meditation can be the special place where you work out certain kinds of problems.

If you’re an artist or writer, you can build a big long narrative through your meditation practice. If you’re an engineer, you could dive into that problem you were dealing with all of last week.

Because you’re not really intoxicated, you’re able to recall every moment of this particular high. While you’re deep in the zone, you’ll be able to explore wild and unreasonable solutions to problems and be able to understand why they do or don’t work.

Your meditation practice can be like a sketchpad for your mind. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, stuck, or confused by something, don’t run away from it. Take a break, meditate and see what you can come up with.

Get A Natural High With Meditation

The idea that you could get a natural high without drugs might make you feel skeptical. The truth is, meditation practices are thousands of years old and have worked wonders for people throughout the centuries. Trust in your mind’s ability to provide entertainment and insight.

If you’re interested in finding out some more legal ways to get high, check out our blog for more ways to explore meditation or other alternatives.

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