The Kava Kava High: What Does It Feel Like?

kava kava high

40 million people in the US suffer anxiety disorder. That’s almost 20% of the population. For those with anxiety, depression is often part of the diagnosis, too.

With such a large group of us needing help, only a third will seek it out.

If a doctor is on the case, they will most often prescribe medication. More than one million Xanax prescriptions flood pharmacies every year.

Clinicians also recommend exercise. Or other natural means to reduce effects of mental illness.

But, most are on our their own to battle what can be debilitating anxiety, panic, and depression. It is not surprising many will use alcohol or another addicting drug to ease symptoms.

And, we all know this starts a vicious cycle of using, tolerance, and more using. Not to mention questionable behavior along the way. So, how does Kava play into this? Is a Kava Kava high a means to the end of anxiety and depression?

For some who take Kava, the answer is yes. Here’s what a Kava high is like and why so many rely on it for relief.

Kava Reduces Anxiety

There’s a good reason those who live with anxiety drink alcohol. It’s a depressant, it works, and it’s legal.

So, if tequila could work its magic without making us drooling zombies, that would be great, right? Those who use Kava for anxiety cite this as the reason it works so well.

For them, the “high” is relief from stress in everything from social situations to a stressful day at work. They can focus and function on the present without the pesky fear that dogs their every moment.

How does Kava do this? It’s the effect on the nervous system. Like taking a Xanax works for anxiety, Kava interrupts the chemical disconnect between the brain and body.

Our brain is often incorrect in sending fear-inducing messages during stressful situations. There’s often no logical reason for it.

Eliminating this incorrect messaging from the nervous system is the work Kava or sedatives.

Kava Helps With Sleep

For those who deal with stress and anxiety, sleep is often elusive. And, lack of sleep only fires up more anxiety as our bodies teeter on exhaustion.

It is important to note that daily exercise can ease some insomnia. But for those who often go without sleep, Kava helps. And, there are studies which back this up.

Since the early 1990’s, the benefits of Kava as a sleep-inducing herb in the US are self-reports. It’s properties relax muscles, allowing sleep to occur with ease.

In contrast to sleep medications, Kava does not “knock out” users. It promotes relaxation.

Because Kava is not addictive, users do not need to increase dosages to achieve results over time.

The Kava Ingredients and How They Work

The word “Kava” comes from a Polynesia word “Awa” which means bitter. Those who drink the tea made from this plant can attest to the description.

The Piper methysticum plant is native to South Pacific islands. It is a centuries-old ingredient for tea. Islanders drink the tea at day’s end as much as we enjoy our nightcaps.

The root of the plant seems to contain the highest concentration of kavalactones. These interact with the body’s central nervous system.

The prime ingredient induces a calming effect much like tranquilizers. Muscles relax and smooth, causing a mild euphoria. And, there is no loss of focus or mental alertness.

Kava Kava High For Detoxing

Those who take medication for anxiety like Xanax often know the addictive qualities. It isn’t long before dosages are not enough.

Stronger versions are necessary to achieve results. Before long, anxiety worsens and taking more is routine. The same is true for those who take any narcotic.

Vicodin remains the top prescription in the US, ensuring ample opportunity for some to depend on it.

Attempting to withdraw from any drug is painful. The physical addiction stops in days, but the psychological withdrawal can last weeks.

Kava is rivaling other sources for easing recovery. The stress our bodies and minds suffer through recovery induce strong physical reactions.

Migraines, insomnia, body aches, and severe anxiety are common. It’s difficult to feel “normal”.

A Kava Kava “high” in this case allows users to relax, sleep, and focus more on well-being rather than relapsing.

Is Kava Headed for a US Ban?

There are differing opinions across the globe on the dangers of Kava. And, it seems there is no definitive answer close at hand.

Several countries no longer allow its sale. With reports of liver damage and liver failure surfacing, the governments took action. Now, there are questions in the US about safety for users.

But, results of testing throughout the US yield no definitive answers.

Recommendations from the FDA include telling those with liver issues to abstain from Kava. Still, there seems to be no clear correlation between Kava and the disease.

Kava supporters point to various processing by sellers as a culprit. But, some experts state it is a matter of time before the US follows it’s neighbors bans.

The latest information remains neutral on dangers of Kava Kava in its purest form.

The Best High is a Peaceful Life

We can’t remove everything from our life that displeases us. This would be a pretty lonely existence.

What we can do is change how we deal with situations we find exhausting. And, knowing what is best for each of us is the real work of finding peace.

There is no magic pill or precise legal dosage for a Kava Kava high for everyone. It is vital to pursue individual results. Find some answers on our blog. And, let us know your thoughts and tips!

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