What to Expect When Visiting Your First Marijuana Dispensary

marijuana dispensary

Congratulations! You’ve turned 21 and now can access recreational dispensaries in your state. It’s an exciting time to be alive.

Before you go, make sure you know what you’re getting into. It’s nothing scary, but there are some dispensary etiquette tips you need to know before you go.

What do you bring to the marijuana dispensary? Do you have to know what you want beforehand? We’re answering those questions in this guide.

Your budtender awaits!

What to Bring to the Marijuana Dispensary

When you go to your dispensary, you’ll need a valid form of ID. This can be a passport or a drivers license, as long as it’s up to date. Most states won’t let you bring in a temporary ID, so you may have to wait a couple days after your birthday.

There are dispensaries that don’t take cards, only cash. Most of them do this, but there are some exceptions. The usually have ATMs inside, but you’ll pay an access fee.

Bringing cash with you is a good way to not overspend once you’re inside. There’s a lot to look at and you may feel like a legal-kid in a candy store. Having cash makes sure you’ll stick to a budget.

You should also bring with you an idea of what you’re looking for. No, it’s not an actual thing, but people waiting for you will appreciate the time it saves.

What to Expect

Ok, so you’re ready to walk into the dispensary for the first time. There may be an ID check at the door, depending on the structure of the building.

Once you get inside, check in at the desk. They’ll need your ID there too, so don’t put it away. They may make a copy or scan of it, that’s normal.

They’ll keep your ID and put it on the counter or on a shelf that notates your place in line. A budtender will come out and take the ID of the person that’s next on the list.

Wait your turn in the waiting room, it’s ok to play on your phone.

Once it’s your turn and they call your name, you’ll go back into the product room with your budtender. A play on bartender, this is like your personal guide.

Don’t be afraid to ask them questions or tell them if you’re looking for something specific. They’re there one on one to consult you! They’re usually big smokers themselves, so you can expect them to be full of knowledge.

Once you pick out your selection, they’ll take you to the cash register. They’ll check you out and there may be a tip jar. You don’t have to tip, but they did provide you with personalized service.

Checking Out

Once you’ve bought your marijuana dispensary products, you can leave! If they didn’t give your ID back to you when you went in, it’ll be waiting for you when you walk out of the product room.

You’ll usually get some sort of brown paper or plastic paper bag to take your goods out in. Don’t hang around in the parking lot, get in your car and go somewhere safe to consume your goodies.

Don’t drive high, called driving dirty. It’s illegal and dangerous for other people on the road!

If you don’t want to go through all that hassle, check out easier legal ways to get high here.