What You Should Look for in the Best Cannabis Dispensary

cannabis dispensary

There are now 29 states that have allowed opening and operating cannabis dispensaries of some kind.

In more than half of all U.S. states, it’s possible to walk into a sort of pharmacy with a prescription for marijuana and leave with legal cannabis. However, finding the right cannabis dispensary is vital in managing your symptoms.

When you’re sick and overcoming an illness, you don’t want to have to worry about side effects of conventional medications. Some people will put up with troubling side effects because they feel they have no other choice. Thankfully, cannabis offers few side effects and is now being used to treat many aches, pains, inflammations, and types of cancer.

If you’re looking for the right cannabis dispensary in your region, here are the five things to look at when assessing different sellers.

1. Location Matters

Finding the best dispensary relies heavily on where you’re located. If you’re in a state that has one set of laws but the closest dispensary is across state lines, you might want to watch out. You could be subject to trafficking laws just for getting a product that’s legal in both states.

Another issue is that you never know when you’ll have an emergency. Sometimes we’ll run out of our medication or our recreational stash at inconvenient times. Having to drive an hour out of the way for your cannabis products can be a real pain.

Your dispensary should get to know you after awhile, and, you should feel like you’re getting personal service each time.

Find a place that’s both local and serves people with your needs. If they don’t seem interested in catering to your area, find a dispensary who welcomes your business.

2. Make Sure Your Insurance Works

If you’re picking up medicinal cannabis, you should ensure that it’s covered under your insurance plan. If it is, check to see that your insurance is accepted ad your dispensary. Getting all the way to the dispensary, choosing your products, and then finding out they don’t accept your insurance at check out is irritating.

Call your insurance company to see what kind of help they can offer. They might have a pre-checked list of dispensaries that take their insurance.

Contact your dispensary to see what they can offer. If they don’t accept insurance, they might be able to recommend a dispensary that does. Having to pay for medication out of pocket is stressful, but might be necessary depending on who your provider is.

3. Check Out Their Strains

Finding the right cannabis dispensary could depend on what kinds of products they have in stock from day to day. Once you find the right strain for what you need, it can be hard to feel comfortable using any other strain.

Make sure you have a fundamental understanding of the differences between a sativa and an indica strain. Each strain will treat different symptoms and lead to a difference in how you experience your high.

Indica strains can help increase your appetite and help for you to deal with anxiety issues. If you get a hybrid, you’ll need to know how much indica is in the strain to know how your body will deal with it.

If you’re trying to deal with a lack of focus or depression, sativa is the strain for you. Sativas are for people who do creative work. While indica will relax your body and put you in the position to rest, sativa activates your mind and help you break through any creative roadblocks.

If you’d prefer the best of both, ask about hybrids. Most will lean more heavily on one style than the other. Your dispensary staff should be able to make an informed recommendation.

4. Find Some Knowledgeable People

The best thing that your dispensary can offer is an informed perspective on what to do when you’re first getting your prescription. The first time you walk into a dispensary can be overwhelming. Getting to know some trusted staff can make all the difference.

Make sure the medical staff on hand have degrees from accredited institutions. If you feel like your doctor doesn’t know what they’re talking about, move on politely to either another staff member or another dispensary.

Check Yelp to find reviews about the dispensary you’re headed to. As more than 80% of people now trust Yelp as much as they trust recommendations from friends, dispensaries make sure to manage their public profiles. Anything that you find online has surely been vetted and cross-examined by staff.

That’s what makes online reviews both useful and sometimes not very useful. You might only find the very best reviews, or you might find reviews made by people with an ax to grind.

Be sure to trust your own instincts above all.

5. Look For Alternatives, CBD, or Edibles

Make sure that your chosen cannabis dispensary has lots of options available beyond simple herbed cannabis. You might find that you don’t want to smoke to medicate and instead prefer a cannabinoid or CBD oil.

Some oils can offer all the medicinal aspects of marijuana without any of the side effects of getting “high.” You might need to drive to work or operate heavy machinery. Taking the right strain of oil will allow you to go to work without worrying about being under the influence.

Some people prefer to use edibles instead of smoked cannabis. Edibles offer a different experience and should be taken carefully. However, they can be beneficial in dealing with stress and tension.

A Cannabis Dispensary Needs To Suit Your Needs

You know you’ve found the right cannabis dispensary when you feel like they’re listening to you. They should be aware of the specific issue you’re trying to deal with and know a solution that can help. The professionals staffing dispensaries know what the best strain is for a headache.

If you have any thoughts or ideas, be sure to share them with us in the comments.

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