The 3 Best Weed Strains You Must Try Before You Die

best weed strains

Marijuana is one of the safest drugs, making production, consumption, and legalization continue to rise across the country. This means that growes now focus on perfection, creating an assortment of strains. For newcomers, the options may feel overwhelming.

Any weed connaisseur will tell you that every strain provides a different smell and taste, offers its own unique set of medical benefits, and produces a different high than the next. Farmers across the US work to bread plants to offer a taste for everybody with their marijuana strains.

One major factor is which family of marijuana your strain came from, indica or sativa. If it came from Cannabis indica, then your strains of weed will tend to have a fairly even mix of THC and CBD, and decent amounts of CBN, creating a more stoned feeling. If it came from Cannabis sativa, then the THC overpowers the CBD and you enjoy more of an uplifting buzz.

Best Weed Strains

If you’re looking to use the best strains of weed around, here are 3 to try before you die!

1. Sour Girl

Also referred to as Sour Cookies, this green machine took third place in the hybrid flower category in the 206 NorCal High Times Cannabis Cup. This hybrid comes from a blend of Sour Diesel and Girl Scout Cookies, producing an uplifting high that makes users feel euphoric and talkative, but it also gives them a relaxed body high.

This amazing strain serves as an ultimate pain reliever while also treating stress and depression! It smells like sour fuel and tastes like chocolate, sweet skunk!

2. Sundae Driver

Looking for less skunk and more funk? Definitely, try the aromatic hybrid, Sundae Driver, also known as Ice Cream! This colorful strain fills the room with a sweet, creamy scent and tastes like vanilla ice cream.

The high will make you feel happy and relaxed, perfect for treating stress and depression. You’ll feel happy as a kid in an ice cream parlor after trying this sweet treat!

3. Dark Side of the Moon

Listen to some Pink Floyd as you smoke this nod to them and feel the fruity flavor send you into sweet dreams.

Praised for its deep purple buds, this indica produces a sleepy euphoria that’s perfect for treating stress, pain, depression, inflammation, and insomnia. You’ll be over the moon after a little smoke sesh.

Ways to Enjoy Them

How you decide to use the weed proves just as important as which marijuana strains you choose. Read more about the different products you can use to take it all in!


Edibles created a stronger high because the Liver converts the THC to 11-hydroxy-THC, which more readily crosses the blood-brain barrier. A little bite goes a long way.

You can ingest weed in the form of teas, cookies, brownies, and a host of other creative methods to eliminate the hazards of smoking. Just know, the flavor from the weed comes through but mixes with other flavors, so it is not the same.


Smoking offers a less intense body high, which doesn’t matter much with the amazing strains we mentioned. But it also allows you to get the full effect of flavors from the bud. You can choose from a number of ways to inhale it from different smoking methods to vaping.

Weed and Read

We only mentioned three of the best weed strains out there; there are so many more to explore!

Grab an icy cool drink and your favorite munchies for the optimal experience. Enjoy one of the weed strains to try before you die, and then check us out to read more about legal ways to get high.