How to Use Herbal Energy to Achieve a Peaceful High

herbal energy

When asked anonymously, nearly 70% of all American workers reported that they feel stressed at work.

One of the things that cause people to want to get high is to find a way to relax from work and the other things that cause them stress. Thankfully, there are ways to use herbs and herbal energy to add a much-needed boost to your mood and energy.

While pharmaceutical and intoxicants are a temporary solution to problems related to workplace stress, those solutions come with a lot of negative side effects. Herbal solutions can offer all of the benefits with almost no side effects other than feeling relaxed. Whether you need an energy boost or a way to relax, herbal energy is a smart choice.

If you want to find some clever ways to introduce herbs into your daily life, here are five relaxing ways to use them.

1. Make An Herbal Spray

Using harsh chemicals to clean your home could be getting to you. Some people get headaches and nausea from industrial chemical sprays and cleaners. Using these things to clean your home might be doing more harm than good.

Thankfully some household chemical solutions can be replaced by natural herbal solutions. Many extracts and herbs are antimicrobial. Some herbs will also create a fresh scent that will relax you.

Cleaning up is always a relaxing feeling. Combining that with a pleasant aroma can help to relieve tension and give you a peaceful high

Mixing basil oil and lemon oil can create a solution that is powerful, fights bacteria, and will eliminate your stress.

Mix two cups of distilled water with two tablespoons of white vinegar. Add 6-10 drops of essential oils from both lemon and basil. Mix them in a spray bottle and replace this with your everyday surface cleanser.

2. Herbal Carpet Cleanser

One of the things that can really drag on your mood and lower your energy is when you’re having trouble breathing because of dust or mold. The kinds of things that can build up in your carpet can cause allergies, irritation, or illness. To disinfect while also adding a calming and refreshing aroma, concoct a herbal carpet cleaner.

Get some dried mint and grind it down into a fine powder. Mix it with baking soda, and it should add a fresh aroma to this natural cleanser.

Sprinkle this mixture onto your carpet. Leave it to set in anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. Some people prefer to leave it overnight.

Vacuum it up after the time is up and you’ll clean your carpet as you suck up any contaminants or growth that occurred.

Mint can stimulate your mind and your body. It boosts energy and increases your ability to focus on tasks. It’s a great thing to introduce into your cleaning routine.

The aura of mint is thought to generate abundances of positive energy and create prosperity.

3. Try a Eucalyptus Shower

Eucalyptus is a strong and relaxing herb that has anti-inflammatory properties and the ability to boost immune systems.

Tie a bunch of eucalyptus leaves together and hang them up in your shower. Tie to near your showerhead with twine or to the pole that holds your curtain together.

When you fill your shower with steam, it will activate the eucalyptus and spread the aroma around your home. Let yourself take an extra long shower once the bathroom is filled with steam. You’ll take in the beneficial oils and find your mood relaxed by the scent of the leaves.

Steamy showers are already a great way to relax. Some powerful herbal remedies can only make them better.

4. Rosemary Works Wonders

Rosemary has long been known for its purifying and relaxing capabilities. It will make food or even a room smell great.

A smudge stick made of rosemary can help to enrich any room in your home.

Al you need is a handful of rosemary tied together with wine. Tie them tightly and let them dry out for a few weeks.

Once they’re nice and crunchy, light the bundle on fire and then burn it for about 30 seconds. Waft the smoke toward your body, and you’ll start to feel a positive energy.

Start near the top of your body and move down to your feet. Walk around the house and let the scent get into other parts of your home. If you’ve got a fireplace inside your home, add a few rosemary branches to your next fire.

5. Make an Herb Bouquet With Lavender

Lavender is one of the most relaxing and lovely smelling herbs to add to your home. Its herbal energy brings a bright and spring-like aura to any room.

If you bring fresh flowers into your home on a regular basis, you should add some lavender to your bouquets. They’re an inexpensive addition that contributes positive energy all around your home.

If you’re a particularly anxious person, you’ll find that lavender is a perfect antidote to your anxiety.

Save any old or dried out lavender. Bundle old branches together with twine and create a smudge stick. This will allow you to inject the scent of lavender into your home whenever you like.

If you find a special connection with the scent, it also makes for a perfect essential oil to add to any kind of cleaner, shampoo, or laundry detergent.

Herbal Energy Can Enliven Your Space

The herbal energy that you can find from common household herbs and plants should be added to the mix of what you’re already using to relax. Changing the routine of your life, where your favorite shampoos and lotions help you get relief from stress, won’t make you feel better. Add these herbs to the things that you already find calming.

If you want to know some more legal ways to get high, check out our other tips. Leave us your comments if you have any exciting ideas or thoughts.

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