CBD FAQ: Does CBD Get You High? Here’s What You Need to Know About This Substance

does cbd get you high

If you’re reading this then you’ve probably already heard of CBD. Everybody is talking about it.

You may have heard of people taking it for medicine, or recreationally. Some people are even talking about the benefits it has for animals. Stores are popping up everywhere that specialize in selling CBD, smoke shops are jumping on the bandwagon and starting to carry it.

So what really is CBD? Where does it come from? Does CBD get you high? How is it different from marijuana?

This CBD 101 will answer all of your questions and more.

Does CBD Get You High?

It’s the million dollar question, will CBD make you high? The easy answer is no. CBD does have effects on the body, but they aren’t psychoactive effects.

CBD is 100% non-psychoactive. In other words, it doesn’t alter your state of mind in any way. There’s no fuzziness or mental slowness.

So what does it do? What does it feel like?

CBD reacts with special receptors in your brain, but unlike THC (which we’ll explain in the next section), it indirectly binds with those receptors promoting the body to release natural endocannabinoids. This is where you’ll get a wave of relaxation that you can feel through your whole body. It can relieve pain symptoms and even anxiety.

It may not feel like it’s working at first. Unlike marijuana, which is felt instantaneously, CBD talks a few minutes to take full effect. It tends to creep up on you. At first, you may be tempted to throw the bottle away because “it isn’t working” but trust me, an hour later and you’ll suddenly realize that all of your pain as totally melted away.

You may experience feelings of comfort, pain relief, relaxation, or calmness. Some even describe it as a feeling of “normalness”.

What Is CBD?

So what is CBD? We know that it doesn’t make you high, but what is it?

CBD, officially known as cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid. It’s found in the cannabis plant. You probably know that marijuana comes from the cannabis plant.

So what’s the difference?

Marijuana is a mixture of different types of cannabinoids, including Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. The THC in marijuana is what gives people that high feeling. While it has mind-altering properties, it also increases the appetite. You may have heard people refer to this as “the munchies”. THC is what makes marijuana illegal.

There are more than 100 different cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. The cannabinoids are found in the extract of the leaves and flowers. CBD in its purest form is a colorless, crystalline structure at room temperature. We mentioned that CBD binds with receptors in your brain. It binds to the metabolic pathways as THC, except for the last step. CBD performs catalysis, where THC performs THCA synthase. This is why you experience different effects.

There are multiple ways to ingest CBD, including orally (seriously, they make gummies and lip gloss) and by smoking or vaping.

Where Does It Come From?

It can come from either hemp or marijuana plants. The exact location and plant that it comes from depends on the legal status of the state you’re in. Some states have already legalized marijuana, some strictly for medical purposes, other states have legalized it for recreational use.

If medical marijuana is legal in your state, then the level of THC is what determines it’s legality. The limit is usually extremely low, I’m talking less than 1%. Since the THC requirements are so low, there only place that the CBD can be derived from is the hemp plant. There are some states that allow a higher THC concentration, Delaware for example, allows for 5% THC, which may allow it to be derived from the marijuana plant.

CBD oil that is derived from the marijuana plant is typically more potent and more effective. Some scientists think it’s because the cannabinoids are able to work the best when they’re combined with other cannabinoids (like THC). This is why marijuana-derived CBD is typically preferred over hemp-derived.

Cannabinoids can be extracted from the leaves or the flower buds, but the flower buds have a higher potency than the leaves. Remember, the source does matter. Unfortunately, if you live in a state where there are legal restrictions, there isn’t much you can do aside from fleeing the state or finding a different way to get high.

Is It Bad For You?

While we don’t know 100% of the full effects of CBD, the general consensus is that it’s not bad for your health. CBD doesn’t alter your body chemistry, it simply enhances it. As mentioned earlier, CBD encourages your body to produce and release more of its natural endocannabinoids.

Let’s go over that in a bit more detail. Your body is already equipped with what we call the endocannabinoid system. This is a natural biological system of neurons. Endocannabinoids are lipid-based, retrograde neurotransmitters.

The endocannabinoid system is responsible for controlling mood, pain sensation, fertility, memory, and appetite. CBD interacts with the system, stimulating the body. This is why when CBD is taken you feel symptoms that affect your pain, mood, or memory. It’s all natural.

There are tons of medical benefits for CBD. The FDA has approved it for certain types of epilepsy in children because it’s proven to help stop seizures. There have even been studies that show CBD helps dogs with seizure disorders.

It was mentioned that CBD helps with pain, and this is truly a big deal. There were over 30,000 deaths from opioid overdose in 2017. Opioids are a commonly prescribed pain reliever, but they come with a cost. It’s extremely easy to form a serious addiction. CBD has no known addictive side effects and works well to control pain.

The FDA is working to approve CBD for many more medical purposes.

Where Can I Get It?

For states where marijuana is legal, there are breeders that have crafted specialized CBD dominant weed strains. These strains aren’t trying to eliminate the THC, instead, they’re increasing the CBD to THC ratios, as they work best together. You might recognize some of the weed strains by their nicknames, Harlequin, Remedy, Cannatonic, or Katelyn Faith.

CBD is sold in shops all over the country. It’s also sold online. Kushy Finder can help you find local menus and discounts.

If you’re looking to enhance your CBD experience, try meditation for a natural high.

Next time someone asks you questions, especially “Does CBD get you high?” You’ll be ready to answer.

If we left any questions unanswered, feel free to contact us.