Top 10 Tips for a Great First High with Weed

first high

Nowadays, there are a lot of new places you’re allowed to get high.

Washington, California, Oregon, Maine, Colorado, Alaska, Nevada, Massachusetts, and Vermont now all have legal recreational marijuana. Many other states have medical marijuana with a doctor’s prescription.

With all these new places to use, many people are starting to use weed for the first time. Maybe you’re a little nervous about your first high. This article will walk you through the process and give you ten tips to have an awesome time.

1. Use Legally

Sorry to start with a damper, but you do want to make sure you’re using weed legally.

While the highs can be awesome, make sure you’re not breaking the law. Even if it’s your first time having weed, you may have to pay up to $1,000 fine and can be sentenced to up to a year in jail.

Make sure you’re using marijuana in a safe and legal way or you won’t end up having a very good time.

2. Use With an Experienced Friend

Getting high for the first time can be a great experience, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, you may need some help. If you have friends that have smoked before, ask for their expertise.

It may be a little awkward to ask, but don’t be afraid to. If you don’t ask, your first high might not go quite as you planned. Having someone with you who knows what they’re doing can make the experience a lot better for you and can help keep you safe.

Also, while it may feel a little selfish, don’t feel bad asking your friend to stay sober for your first time. They’ll be a better support for you if they’re not blazed too. If they’re not willing, find another friend who is.

3. Use Good Weed For Your First High

While it seems like a no-brainer, you want to use good weed from someone you trust. Sometimes weed can be laced with other substances like crack. This is never great, but it can make your first high a horrible experience.

Buying from a dispensary or store is your best option for good quality safe weed. Wherever you get it though, make sure your first weed comes from someone you trust.

One more tip: good weed smells good. If your marijuana doesn’t smell like you think it should ask a friend if you’ve got good enough stuff.

4. Use in a Safe Place

Once you’re an experienced pothead, you can use weed anywhere (as long as it’s legal), but for your first time, you should be in a safe, familiar, comfortable place. A lot of people don’t realize that a good high is mostly due to the setting and activities, not the weed itself.

Whether it’s your basement, your friend’s house, or just a chill party, make sure you feel comfortable and safe.

One great place to try weed is outside. Being high can make looking at the stars or a beautiful landscape that much better. There’s not too much to see and enjoy in the average living room.

5. Have Your Equipment Ready

Smoking weed requires a few things that you may not be familiar with. This is where having a friend with supplies can come in handy. They can also teach you how to use the paraphernalia.

You will want to have a pipe, bong, apple, water bottle, and lighter handy. Water is good to have on hand too, in case the smoke bothers your lungs.

Also, don’t forget your snacks! A bag of Doritos is a must.

6. Do Something Fun

During your first high, make sure you do something fun.

All five of your senses will be heightened. You will also feel closer to your friends. Don’t waste the opportunity to experience life to the fullest while you’re in an altered state.

We’ve already mentioned getting high outside. Nature is more real and vivid when you’re stoned. Watching TV or a movie can be a fun experience. Cartoons and The Office will seem funnier and colors will be more vivid.

Whatever you do, enjoy it. Don’t let your first high pass while you stare at your ceiling alone.

7. Listen to Music

Music can be its own high. Listening to it when you’re actually high is an awesome experience.

The type of music you choose doesn’t really matter, just pick something you like. Pay attention to the rhythm and the intricacies of the tune. Trust me, it will sound completely different than it has before.

8. Talk to Your Friends

The general stereotype is that you’re an idiot while you’re stoned. Not always true though. Marijuana lets you be creative and think in different ways.

While you’re high, talk with your friends about the deeper topics. How can you create world peace? Which came first the chicken or the egg? If we didn’t start the fire, then who did?

9. Be Patient as You Come Down

As the marijuana starts to wear off, you will feel tired. Don’t be worried if you can’t do anything but sleep for a few hours.

You may also be having random and funny thoughts as you come down. Don’t worry. Imagining mating ligers or what teachers do on Christmas Break isn’t unusual.

10. Get Help if the High Isn’t Right

If at any point, you start feeling panicky or have strong physical symptoms, get help. You’re probably just having a bad trip, but asking for help can only make it better.

If things are not going well, take a few deep breaths and imagine your calm space (we’ve all tried those meditation tricks, right?). You might want to try eating something or taking a nap. This can help lessen the effects of the weed and help you come down a little.

Someone more experienced then you can probably tell if you’re actually having a medical problem too. If your heart is beating fast or you’re having trouble breathing, you might need medical help.

This is another reason you should not have your first high alone.

Getting Started

Now that you know how to have a great first high, it’s time to check out some other weed info in order to stay as informed as possible.

This site is a great start on your journey. Just make sure to make safe decisions!

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