Reflecting on the Year: The 8 Best Strains of 2018


I’m going over the border to . . . smoke weed?

That’s right – 2018 will be remembered in history as the year Canada legalized recreational weed use. It was also another landmark year in the books for recreational state taxes.

Have you ever heard of public schools being completely if not overly-funded? Well, Colorado has, because they’re exceeding what they planned to give to schools from the weed tax.

Now they’re giving the money to other public programs like homelessness. California isn’t that far behind Colorado’s trends.

All that to say – it was a very green year and there were new strains to try and new edibles to eat along the way.

Want to know the best strains of 2018 and see if you’ve smoked through our bucket list?

Start reading below.

Best Strains of 2018: The Meanest Green

As always, we don’t condone doing anything that isn’t legal in your state. If you can’t smoke weed where you live, check out these other legal ways to get high.

Strain #1: Blue Dream

What are two famous strains that we hear about all the time in pop culture? Blueberry Kush and purple haze.

Now, what if some very careful budtenders combined them and made a new hybrid? Well – they did, and it’s called Blue Dream. It’s been around for a while, but sales went up this year.

Why there aren’t any songs referencing it yet, we don’t know.

Detail wise, it’s a very dark green bud with hints of pastel green. It’s heavy on the crystals and tastes like blueberry – at least it leaves a light berry taste on the tongue.

It’s an equal parts Indica/Sativa hybrid, so you can easily take it day or night. You’ll get the best of both worlds with its relaxing Indica qualities and a little energy from the Sativa.

The best weed dispensary near you should have it – or will be rotating this popular strain in soon.

Strain 2: Wedding Cake

It’s not like budtenders reinvent the wheel when it comes to new strains. They’re mostly variations or hybrids between already popular strains.

This one is no exception. It’s the baby of the ever-popular Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. Both of its mommy strains are high-indica, so you won’t be doing much after you smoke a slice.

The buds themselves are very dense, with barely any negative airspace. There’s a hint of red/brown crystals throughout, also a good amount of frost.

Make sure you clear your plans (and your plate) when you smoke this new hybrid because you’ll be nursing a sweet, decadent high.

Strain #3: Green Crack

People are obviously high when they name new strains. The word “crack” doesn’t necessarily inspire confidence, yet this strain is still popular.

It’s a combination between the strains Skunk #1 and an Afghani strain. You can get it in both sativa and indica versions – which are sourced from different buds.

If your local dispensary is politically correct, you may see this strain listed as Green Cush instead of Green Crack.

But, like crack (we hear), this strain gives you energy and lots of it. People are shocked at the focus and buzz this strain gives them. It’s great for going through your day and getting things done.

Flavor-wise, it’s fruity, but more on the tropical than the berry side. If you smoke to help with mental issues like anxiety or depression – this is definitely a strain to try.

Strain #4: Jack Herer

While we’re on the energetic strain train, let’s talk about Jack Herer. It’s another strain that won’t leave you glued to the couch, but ready to take on your day and your tasks.

It’s a subtle strain, mind high wise, but it still does its job to take care of body symptoms. For that reason, it’s a favorite of those who use weed for medical purposes.

This sativa dominant strain isn’t new – it was made in the Netherlands in the ’90s. But, it’s gaining popularity because it was featured in the book: The Emperor Wears No Clothes (by Jack Herer).

It’s the child of Northern Lights #5 and Haze. The strain will leave you happy and energetic, focused on the day ahead.

Medical use wise, it’s mostly used to treat stress and depression, with some pain treatment qualities.

Both recreational and medical users will enjoy its earthy and pine-like flavor.

Strain #5: Gorilla Glue 4

Another strangely named strain, it doesn’t sound like you’d want to smoke gorilla glue. But if it’s this Gorilla Glue, go ahead and take the cap off for a sniff.

But make sure you don’t have a lot to do that day because this strain will knock a sometimes-smoker on their ass.

It’s named “glue” because the potent strain will glue you to the couch or the bed – wherever you are. It’s full of gorgeous resin crystals, and photographs really well.

It stems from the strains Chem’s Sister, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel. This funnily named strain has won three awards, first place in two and placed in one.

Stay happy and pain-free with Gorilla Glue #4, if you can find it. It’s a hot commodity around here.

Strain 6: Alien Dawg

Do you want something that has a high THC content, like really high? Then Alien Dawg is the strain for you.

It holds up to 20% THC and is the baby of Chemdawg and Alien. You’ll really feel this one, all over your body and your mind.

It’s what you think of as a classic stoner high, low energy but on the giggly side. It’s a strong smelling strain – so it’s not good if you smoke at home or around sensitive roommates.

You’ll definitely feel relaxed from this strain, relaxed enough to fall asleep.

The bud is very dense and green and full of crystals. If you’re buying the untouched bud, make sure you see lots of bright shades of green.

Taste-wise, you can expect this alien to taste – earthy, not otherworldly. It’s earthy and woody. There’s no question that you’re smoking weed with this one, so store it and smoke it well.

Then settle in and get ready to get “Mountain High, Colorado in this * with me“.

Strain #7: Sour Girl or Sour Cookies

This is the second child of Girl Scout Cookies on our list, which isn’t surprising. GSC has won multiple bud cup awards and the like.

This child of Girl Scout Cookies, unlike layer cake, was bred with Sour Diesel. It’s a California born strain, that won third place in a North California contest.

You can expect the best of both strains with this mix – a cerebral high and some nice energy. It’s sativa dominant and good for a quick few tokes.

If you decide to load it up in a bong or vape it, you’ll find the Indica-tired side of the strain comes out. So, smoke more with caution if you have stuff to do.

Color-wise, the leaves of this plant have a good bit of dark green-blue to blue in them, which you can see in this picture. The crystals are so pronounced and sticky, you almost want to reach out and touch them.

Taste-wise, you’ll get some of the diesel-y taste from the strain’s Sour Diesel lineage. But, the cookies do come through with a sweet, almost citrus taste.

People do call the smell and taste intense, so toke this strain up outside.

Strain #8: Cactus Breath

We’re finishing off our 8 from 2018 list with this Colorado favorite. It’s definitely unique, which makes sense for those CO hipsters.

Make sure you smell it in the dispensary before you buy since it’s an aroma like nothing else. It’s almost garlicky and smells like you need some good Italian food after you smoke.

If you like the smell, then you can expect a very all-encompassing high, with the ability to get absolutely nothing done. It’s both a mind a body high and a strong relaxant.

People like smoking this strain to drift off to sleep on, or before a movie night in.

It has a unique taste, to go along with its unique smell. It’s earthy but also somehow spicy – we can’t describe it. You’ll have to give this out-of-the-box strain a try yourself.

Then tell us what you think.

Strains on Strains on Strains

After this article, you may find yourself putting on your shoes and going to the closest dispensary. We don’t blame you. All of the best strains of 2018 are high on our to-smoke list too.

Just make sure you do so safely and all that. Don’t drive dirty!

Want more cannabis-themed recommendations? We’ve got you and your groupies, right here.