Making it Last: How to Conserve Weed Until Your Next Payday

weed and joint

We all know that feeling. Your next payday seems like it’s months away and your weed stash is running dangerously low.

But how will you enjoy the many benefits of smoking weed if you’re fresh out? Don’t stress. There are some clever ways you can conserve and sustain your marijuana supply to get more out of your smoking sessions and prevent waste.

If you want some pro tips on how to conserve weed until your next payday, look no further. We have all the information you need right here. Let’s dive in!

Stop Sharing

If you’re a generous person, you won’t believe how much weed you lose every month to moochers! The best way to conserve weed is to stop sharing.

After all, if you share a bowl or two with just one other person, you’ll still end up using twice as much weed. Either smoke solo before you meet up with friends or ask your buddies to bring their own bud.

Unless your friends often share with you, they’ll understand. It happens to everyone, right?

Use a One-Hitter

When you use a tiny pipe (a “one-hitter”) you can smoke exactly as much as you want without wasting any weed. And because each refill only gives you about one hit, you can keep track of exactly how much of your stash you’re using. Plus, these little single-session pipes are easy to carry around anywhere you need to go.

Try out Knife Hits

If you want to know how to get the most out of your weed and how to make your high last longer, check out knife hits. Knife hits, or “spots” as they call them in New Zealand, are a method of smoking marijuana that gets you super high (even if you have a high tolerance) while using very little weed.

But, consider yourself warned, this method isn’t for the faint of heart. So if you’re feeling brave and want to get the most bounce for your ounce, save a bowl and try out a knife hit instead!

Grind It Up

Using a grinder to cut up your weed before you smoke is a super effective way to get the best high out of each bowl. It will ensure that your weed burns evenly and thoroughly. It’s also a great way to gauge how much weed you have left at the end of your stash.

Don’t Let Your Kief Go to Waste

Saving your kief can come in handy when you’re running low on your weed supply. You can save up your kief by using a good quality grinder that has more than one chamber.

This way, when you grind the weed, the precious kief sifts through a screen and collects in the bottom of your grinder. You can use kief to enhance a skimpy bowl or joint, or you can use it to make hash. You can also use kief in edibles.

How to Conserve Weed and Money: Budgeting

The best way to conserve weed in between paychecks is by budgeting strictly. Set aside a certain amount of cash each month to spend on weed. And stick to it!

If you need some fast funds, look into a short-term loan. They really work, even if you live off a prepaid debit card.

And to save even more, assess other areas of your life where you can cut back on spending. Quit buying cocktails or lattes and you’ll find you have more money for marijuana.

Smoke Less

Still wondering how to make weed last longer? This option’s a sure-fire solution, but you might not like it. If you want to save big on weed, smoke less!

This doesn’t mean you have to stop smoking altogether. But cutting down will totally stretch your supply.

Save Those Roaches

Most smokers trash their roaches right after they finish a blunt or joint. This is an unnecessary waste of perfectly good weed.

Save your roaches for a month, open them up, and you’ll get a big surprise. We guarantee that you’ll find more smokeable weed than you expected.

Roll a Spliff or Two

If you don’t mind smoking tobacco, spliffs are a great way to get the most out of your next weed purchase. They’re like joints, but they’re half tobacco and half marijuana. They still get you high but use half the weed.

If you do smoke spliffs, don’t forget about the health concerns related to smoking tobacco. It’s best to use this conservation method sparingly. Smoke wisely!

Keep Your Weed Fresh

Stale or moldy weed isn’t safe to smoke. And wasting good weed because of poor storage conditions is just plain silly.

To keep your marijuana fresh and delicious, follow these golden rules:

  • Store it in a glass jar.
  • Put that jar in a cool, dry place.
  • Never smoke weed that is dry, crumbly, and smells like paper.
  • Don’t store your weed in a plastic bag.
  • Keep your cannabis out of the fridge and freezer.

If you keep the rules above in mind, you won’t waste a nug!

Bong Hits

In the world of cannabis, one thing will always be true. Much like knife hits, bong hits get you much higher than other methods of smoking and use much less marijuana.

Invest in a bong or make a gravity bong. You’ll save on weed and enjoy the effects of each smoke session much more.

Smoke On!

With all of the creative tips and tricks above on how to conserve weed, you’ll be saving money and getting a better high in no time. Just remember to keep your weed fresh with proper storage and to use spliffs and bongs to get a better high while using less weed.

And although it may feel harsh, if you really need to cut back on expenses, you may need to stop sharing weed with friends or take a break yourself. But, when you do smoke, make sure to use a good quality grinder and to save the kief.

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