What Are the Possible Kratom Side Effects Regular Users Experience?

kratom plant

Americans seek any number of ways to either boost their energy or manage their pain. For many, Kratom served both purposes.

The tree, native to Southeast Asia, is in the same family as coffee. People consume the ground leaves for both the stimulant and pain relieving effects.

The FDA has taken a dim view of Kratom, as have a number of medical organizations. The possible Kratom side effects serve as one of the reasons. 

So, let’s jump in and look at some of the side effects.

Physical Side Effects

Kratom can cause a number of possible physical side effects. The most alarming side effect for many people is a rapid heartbeat. Kratom can also cause liver damage in some people.

Some people experience muscle pain, dry mouth, and agitation. You might also experience chills or nausea. Another potential physical side effect is weight loss.

There is also a possibility of drowsiness or dizziness.

In rare cases, people went through seizures and comas. Despite claims that Kratom causes deaths, the evidence put up doesn’t draw a clear line from Kratom to the deaths.

An important caveat here is that not every person who uses Kratom has all or even any of these symptoms.

Psychological Side Effects

Kratom can also create some psychological side effects.

For example, some people go through bouts of depression. Hallucinations or delusions are a possibility.

The depression may happen with or without the hallucinations. 

Standard Effects

For basic contrast, it helps to review the typical effects of Kratom.

When taken in lower doses, Kratom offers a stimulant effect. It provides a boost of energy for several hours. It also provides a bit of mental clarity, similar to other stimulants like coffee. 

Strangely, higher does of Kratom do not offer extra stimulation. Instead, it acts more like an opioid.

It gives you a painkiller effect and even provides a sedative effect. You can visit this site for more Kratom information.


Concerns that Kratom may prove habit-forming or even addictive, as well as the potential side effects, has led to Kratom bans. Some of the places with Kratom bans include:

  • Alabama
  • Tennessee
  • Vermont
  • Denver
  • San Diego

The Department of Health and Human Services also urged the Drug Enforcement Agency to include Kratom on the list of Schedule 1 drugs. For reference, other drugs on that list include heroin and LSD.

Parting Thoughts on Kratom Side Effects

Like other stimulants that affect the nervous system, you can find Kratom side effects.

Some of those side effects might give you pause. Hallucinations, rapid heartbeat, addiction, and potential seizures, for example, sound rightly alarming. The claims that Kratom causes death in some people sound even more frightening.

One should take these side effect claims with a grain of salt. The evidence for them is thin in many cases.

Like any other stimulant, some people will always react badly to it. It’s also difficult for anyone to make firm claims when the dosages involved remain unknown.

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