A Shopaholic’s Guide to Buying Medicinal Marijuana Legally


Your first trip into a dispensary can seem a bit overwhelming. Buying medicinal marijuana doesn’t have to be an intimidating experience, however.

Medicinal marijuana is growing in popularity and has been legalized in many places. Its therapeutic benefits are proven clinically and anecdotally. 

If you’re planning a visit to a medical marijuana dispensary, we can help ease your mind. To find out where to go and what you can expect during your first venture, read on.

Get Your Physician’s Approval

Before you find a dispensary, make sure you’ve visited with a physician to assess your health and make a list of diagnoses that may benefit from marijuana.

After you’ve got physician approval, find a doctor that will write your medicinal marijuana prescription. This prescription allows you to get a medicinal marijuana card.

Finding the Right Dispensary for Your Needs

Choosing the dispensary that’s best for you is important. There are several factors to consider when picking a medicinal marijuana dispensary.


A good medical marijuana dispensary will feel a lot like a clinic or doctor’s office. It should be clean and well-organized.

The staff should be knowledgeable and helpful so you don’t feel like you’re lost in the process. They should make you feel safe and welcomed, not like you’re in a questionable environment.

The staff at a great medical marijuana dispensary takes the work and confusion out of choosing the right product. They help you learn more about what each product does so you can make an informed decision.

Product Selection

When you buy medical marijuana, product selection should be therapy-centric. The dispensary should offer marijuana strains that are well known for their health benefits.

These strains will be indica or sativa-dominant, or balanced hybrids. Different conditions respond better to certain strains. Some commonly recommended medical strains are:

  • White Rhyno
  • Northern Lights
  • White Widow
  • Malwai
  • Jack Herer

A variety of products should be available for different administration routes. You should be able to purchase:

  • Flower for smoking
  • Cartridges for vaporizers and vape pens
  • Sprays
  • Oils
  • Tinctures
  • Edibles for those who want to avoid possible lung irritation
  • Topicals for localized pain relief

With a varied product selection, it’s easier for you to pick the product that you’ll be able to use with ease and comfort. This is critical to getting favorable results when using marijuana therapeutically. These products should be clearly labeled so that dosing is easy. 

Product Quality

Quality is crucial. Buying medicinal marijuana is an investment in your health. Choose a dispensary that offers top-notch products that contain minimal to no additives and uses quality ingredients.


It’s best to find a dispensary that is located in a convenient spot. Having a reliable dispensary that has a good reputation takes the stress out of buying marijuana. There are also online options, but make sure they offer good products and are a reputable source.

Buying Medicinal Marijuana

Buying medicinal marijuana doesn’t have to be stressful. Become familiar with local dispensaries and check their reviews. If you don’t enjoy an experience at one, don’t hesitate to try another.

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