Good Boys Get Good Treats: How to Shop for CBD Pet Treats

dog on bed

Lawmakers and the average person is beginning to accept cannabis as a part of regular life. It’s being regulated less and decriminalized more, and cannabis products have made their way into the mainstream. One of the most common cannabis products people use is CBD.

People also aren’t the only ones opening up to cannabis’s health benefits.

CBD pet treats have been developed to help your furry friend enjoy a healthier, calmer life. Just like how CBD can help people with anxiety and help treat basic issues like swelling, you can give your pets CBD to help them too. Since CBD comes in delicious treats, you also won’t need to trick them to take it like with most medicines.

Yet, it’s challenging to find the right CBD pet treats for you and your pet. Keep reading below for tips on finding a CBD treat that both you and your pet will enjoy!

Start Small, Then Work Your Way Up

Since cannabis has been illegal for so long, researchers haven’t had a chance to look into its effects on animals. Giving your pets too high a dose of CBD at first can lead to negative reactions like vomiting. Just like with people, your pets need to build up a tolerance to CBD before they can take higher doses.

Since your pet likely doesn’t have a high tolerance to CBD, it also is more susceptible to its positive effects. Don’t be surprised if your pet seems less anxious or more responsive to you after only 0.05mg of CBD. You can learn more about CBD’s effects on pets here.

Keep An Eye On Your Pet For Negative Reactions

When you first start giving your pet CBD treats, you should keep a closer eye them. Watch their reaction, and stop giving it to them if they exhibit any negative reactions.

There is no set amount of CBD that you should give your pet for a few reasons. Not only is there limited research on how CBD affects animals, but they also vary in sizes. A German shepherd will have a very different reaction to the same dose of CBD as a chihuahua.  

Increase Your CBD Pet Treats Dose Later

After you introduce CBD treats to your pet’s diet, you can start trying to up the dose. Be on the lookout for treats with a moderately higher dosage, so that its health benefits don’t wear off. You could also invest in a bottle of CBD oil instead of purchasing pre-made treats.

With CBD oil, you can make your pet’s treats yourself. You can have full control over how much CBD they take and will be able to adjust the dosage as much as you want. 

CBD Helps People and Their Pets

CBD is one of the newest findings in natural medicine. Although it’s derived from cannabis, it doesn’t have the same effects THC has on the brain. Rather than making people feel high, CBD actually helps people live healthier lives.

It can help fight cancer and treat mental illnesses. And CBD pet treats causes the same effects with pets that it has with people. You will notice a happier and healthier pet when you invest in some pet treats with CBD.

You just need to find the right CBD treat. For that, keep reading here. Our website is constantly updated with information on how to safely and effectively use cannabis products so you, and your pet can live a healthier life!