Vexed About Vaping? We’ll Explain Mech Mods Right Here


Did you know that in 2016 there were 35 million people vaping?

It’s no wonder that we are seeing more people walking around with vape pens.

Vaping can be confusing for someone that is new to the hobby, but it doesn’t have to be. 

Keep reading to learn more about mech mods. What they are and how they relate to vaping.

Vexed About Vaping? We’ll Explain Mech Mods Right Here

Mechanical mods or mech mods for short are a device that gives pure battery power to an atomizer. Mech mods are the simplest of all vape mods to understand. Vape pens have increased in popularity in recent years because they are odorless and discreet.

How do Mech Mods Work?

The casing of the mod houses a battery positioned to connect with the positive and negative caps of the mod. When the button on the mod is pushed the bottom cap makes contact with the battery and allows current to flow to the coil.

Mech mods don’t have advanced technical aspects or circuit boards. They are simply a simple circuit powered by a battery source.

For Vape Newbies or Advanced Vapers?

This all depends on your preference.

If you’re looking for a simple grab and go without doing much adjusting then mech mods aren’t for you. Later on in this post, we will discuss regulated mods which might be a better option in this scenario. If you want to be able to go beyond the power of the models that you find at a local vape store then mech mods are for you.

If it’s your first time vaping you can start with a simple, cheap pen to give you an idea of what the vaping experience is.

Mech mods are more technical in the sense that you can take time out to customize your vaping experience by changing the coils or other parts of the pen. If you’re ready and willing to learn more advanced vapes then mech mods are the answer for you.


Some people worry if mech mods are safe or not. Like all other electronics when they’re used correctly the answer is yes they are safe. The only thing in the mech mod that can really go bad is the battery. 

The batteries can become defective and when they do it can cause a misfire, overheating, over discharge, or can even cause the battery to burst. You can prevent battery problems as long as you use the right batteries. You also want to choose batteries that are not prone to combustion.

Another way to prevent battery issues is to not overcharge the batteries of discharge them. Keep your mech mod charged at all times but don’t leave it plugged into the charger all night.

Mech mods are unregulated so it’s smart to take safety measure during use and during non-use. 

Unregulated vs Regulated

Mech mods are unregulated which means they don’t have a microchip inside of it.

Not having a microchip means that the voltage or wattage can’t be changed with the press of a button. You are able to change the batteries on unregulated box mods to better quality batteries if you choose.

Mech mods or unregulated mods don’t waste any battery power on digital displays. You can set up an unregulated mod to give a huge cloud of smoke if that’s what you’re into. You can check out some tips on the best cloud chaser mods if big puffs of clouds are your thing. 

Regulated vape mods have built-in microchips for the user to control the power level with the touch of a button.

With a regulated vape pen, you are able to change the voltage and the wattage to the best settings for your preference. The higher the wattage you set on the pen the hotter the coil inside gets, in turn, increasing the smoke the user gets from each pull.

Regulated vape mods have a digital display for you to keep track of the exact voltage and wattage you set your vaping experience for. 

Mech Mod Knockoffs and Clones

It’s important to understand the difference between knockoffs, and clones when it comes to safety. Mech mods are the most cloned vape pen out there because they are so simple to make. 


Mech mod knockoffs are made to replicate the look of an authentic mod. This is deceiving to the person purchasing it because they think they’re buying the real thing. A knockoff can’t be trusted because it can be made by a scammer who used the cheapest batteries and equipment to put the mod together to make some quick cash.

A mech mod clone is a third-party hired to make the exact duplication of a specific mech mod.

The third-party, in this case, builds mech mods that replicate the original piece that they were given. These are not a safety concern because when they are hired to make the replicas they have the appropriate equipment and tools to build a safe mech mod replica.

You want to make sure you buy your mech mod from a reliable and reputable source. Before buying it you can inspect it to see the type of battery used and as soon as you buy it to make sure you have what you picked out.

Vape like a Pro

With the mech mods guide above you can make an informed decision about the best option for you. Vaping is here to stay and it will also continue to grow.

If you’re curious about what you can vape other than nicotine or cannabis check out our post with 9 other things you can safely vape.