Where Can I Smoke Weed? Where to Go on Your Weed Tour of the US


All aboard, next stop groovy land!

Did you know a recent study shows, 52% of Americans have tried marijuana sometime in their life? An amazing 44% of those people say that after trying it they decided to keep using it. 

As new laws make recreational smoking now easier than before, you still have to be careful. Smoking in the wrong spot can mean ending up in jail, or with a slew of court fees and fines.

“Where can I smoke weed legally?”, it’s a question many Americans are working to find the answer to. Surprisingly, so far only 11 states have made weed fully legal.

Some of the states where it’s recreationally legal are still trying to catch up to the mainstream marijuana industry. While other states offer visitors a wide range of exciting, competitive dispensaries to buy from.

If you want to smoke weed legally and have a great time doing it, we can help. Avoid wasting your time or money going to the wrong state. Read on to find out where you should and shouldn’t go, for the ultimate weed tour.

Where Can I Smoke Weed?

Before you begin jotting down the cities, and states you’ll visit, consider how you want your trip to play out. When a state legalizes marijuana, you still have to abide by smoking rules. Only certain public places are appropriate to smoke in.

Also, consider how you’ll be consuming cannabis. If you want to use edibles, you’ll have a wider variety of places you can enjoy your high.

Yet, if you’re heart’s set on smoking your delicious ganja, you’ll need to find the perfect legal spot. Here are a few examples of the places you’ll be able to let loose and have fun.

  • Coffee Houses
  • Bud Dispensary
  • Marijuana Bar
  • Church Services
  • Cannabis Clubs
  • Bus Tour
  • Certain Nature Parks

Once you start narrowing down the types of locations you want to see, you can better plan your adventure. Now let’s look at the states and cities you can add to your trip list.

Legal, Illegal, and Mixed States

Did you already start googling, “Where can I smoke weed?”.  If you did, you probably noticed the words fully legal, fully illegal, and mixed. When a state is fully legal it means you can smoke marijuana there for both medical and recreational purposes.

Here’s a complete list of fully legal states.

  1. Alaska
  2. Colorado
  3. Maine
  4. Massachusetts
  5. Michigan
  6. California
  7. Nevada
  8. Oregon
  9. Vermont
  10. Washington
  11. District of Columbia

If you’re lucky enough to add Nevada to your trip list, you can easily find out more, about their marijuana laws. Depending on the type of experience you want to have, certain states will have more accommodating laws than others.

Next, we’ll explore some of the most unique locations, and the ones to watch out for.

Beware of Alaska

Only add Alaska to your list if you’ve always wanted to go there. According to an Alaskan newspaper, legal weed is difficult to acquire.

Alaska, popular for its spectacular scenery and rugged terrain. This state was the third one to legalize recreational pot smoking. Yet, the industry, however, is just now taking off.

If you want to enjoy your trip, you’ll have to carefully plan the venues you’ll be smoking it. The small population and high prices make access to commercial cannabis a little bit tricky.

Many popular tourist destinations won’t offer you any marijuana products. However, Southeast Alaska and Anchorage will have the goods you’re looking for.

Try visiting a family run dispensary called Enlighten Alaska. This dispensary in Alaska, allows you to consume products on site. You can also try using a website called weed maps. It allows you to search for dispensaries all over Alaska.

Echo Park California

You’ll have an almost overwhelming number of places you can legally smoke in California. We chose to highlight Echo Park, because of the unique opportunity it presents. California is a busy state, covered with freeways, crowded streets, and lots of traffic.

Not everyone wants to hike 5 miles into the Redwoods for a little peace and quiet. Visitors who go to Echo Park will enjoy being able to take a leisurely, short stroll from the car to the public park.

Take in the fresh air as you casually walk along the perimeter of the park, admiring the lovely landscaping. You can also bring a blanket, your favorite tunes, and lay down to take in your high.

If you feel the need to get out on the water, you can! Hop in a paddleboat, breathe in the fresh air and then toke while your boat.

Bus Tour in Washington

Washington has so many great tourist locations you can visit. They have the Olympic National Park, the Space Needle, and even a huge active volcano (Mount Rainier). With so many sightseeing opportunities available, we think the best way to enjoy your cannabis is on a bus tour!

For the best experience, we recommend you try a bus tour that goes around Downtown Seattle. Weed Bus, is a popular tour, that also offers educational information.

If a tour isn’t your thing, no worries! Pop into a local dispensary, and ask about their cannabis concentrates. These powerful dab’s are sure to help you enjoy every sight you see, regardless of where you are.

Popular Legal Options

Now you know a lot more about, “where can I smoke weed legally?”. Planning your ultimate cannabis trip can be a rewarding experience. Yet, you don’t have to wait for departure day to start enjoying legal highs right now.

Legal Ways To Get High, wants you to know that getting high legally goes way beyond using cannabis. Our articles help readers learn about natural highs, and increased energy sources.

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