CBD for Skin: What Are the Benefits?

cbd skin cream containers

Did you know that the CBD market is expected to reach $22 billion by the year 2022? 

CBD products are becoming increasingly popular due to their therapeutic and anti-inflammatory properties. What was originally being used as relief from ailments, is now an excellent skincare product. 

If you deal with acne, dry skin, wrinkles, or just want to feel rejuvenated, CBD oil is highly recommended. 

Continue reading to discover all of the reasons that you should be using CBD for skin purposes. 

1. Soothe Irritation and Allergies 

Those who have sensitive skin can greatly benefit from using CBD on their skin. Various conditions can be treated with CBD and prevent other breakouts from happening. 

Hemp is a product that is known for its calming effects for various symptoms, and skin is included. 

CBD oil is typically used for its anti-inflammatory, pain-reducing, and relaxing properties. Many people use it to help deal with eczema and psoriasis and have seen impressive results from using CBD products. 

CBD Salve is a favorite for those who want to apply CBD to their skin to relieve any irritations or rashes that come from eczema. The CBD also helps keep rashes, hives, and breakouts from getting too red. 

2. Fully Moisturizes the Skin

In the cold winter months, dry skin is typically no stranger, actually, throughout the year you may have to apply lotions to keep your skin nourished. 

When looking for nourishment, you may get overwhelmed and end up buying multiple products to treat various problems. CBD lotions and oils, however, can help numerous skin conditions.

Hemp seed oil is similar to a human’s oil produced on their skin, making it an excellent moisturizer.

If you deal with dry, dehydrated, or just simply tired-looking skin, it can greatly benefit from hemp seed oil. Unlike many other oils, CBD oil is absorbed into the skin and does not cause a greasy look or feeling. 

3. Helps You Avoid Acne

One of the benefits of using CBD for skin is that the oil does not clog up pores, creating acne. 

Acne typically pops up when pores in the skin are clogged and dirt, sweat, and bacteria begin to pile up. This process often causes inflammation and redness where the acne is.

CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce redness and lower swelling when acne becomes a problem. It also helps decrease the body’s production of sebum oil, which is often a culprit of acne. 

If you have tried all of the acne products on the market and have yet to see the results you are looking for, then CBD oil or lotions may be worth looking in to. 

4. Anti-Aging Properties 

CBD oil is rich with antioxidants that help rejuvenate the skin and slow down the process of aging and getting wrinkles. Although CBD doesn’t turn the clock back, people have seen large improvements when using it consistently.  

If you are looking for quality CBD skin products to help avoid aging and wrinkles, Divios is an excellent source for your moisturizing needs. 

CBD products are not an alternative to sunscreen, so make sure that you are still incorporating that into your skincare regime daily. 

Using CBD can help your skin appear less dull and wrinkly. The antioxidants work hard so that you don’t have to put multiple products on your face. 

5. Natural Makeup Remover 

Finding makeup removers that are natural can be a difficult task, but did you know that you can use CBD oil to wash your face off?

CBD oil is an excellent alternative to makeup removers. Many selections in the stores are filled with various chemicals and ingredients that dry out their skin or leave it cracked. 

The best way to use CBD oil as a makeup remover is to slightly warm up the oil, put a couple of drops into your hands, lightly massage onto your face and over makeup, and simply wipe off excess oil with a cloth.

The fatty oils in the CBD are filled with antioxidants that help leave the skin moisturized and nourished all while being gentle. 

Other Benefits

CBD is an amazing addition for your skincare regimen, but did you know that it can help you in many other ways as well?

One of the biggest reasons that CBD has become so popular is because it is an anti-inflammatory and helps relieve pain. Not only can it help relieve pain, but it is also great for people dealing with anxiety and depression. 

If you are looking for a natural alternative to various medications, you may want to consider CBD! 

CBD for Skin Gets You Back to Glowing

The weather, air quality, sun exposure, and even water intake are all things that affect your skin, leaving it dry and unhealthy.

Using CBD for skin can help get back the glow you once had, making you look younger, and it can also decrease acne.

It is important to look at ingredient lists and to watch out for any side effects, typically there are none, but research is still being conducted on CBD usage for the skin. CBD products are legal in many areas, but it is recommended to research your local laws before making any purchases. 

CBD is comparable to the oils that are naturally produced in your skin, making them a natural and less invasive product when compared to many other options.  

Make sure to stay up to date on our blog posts, as we are always coming up with new information on how you can benefit from CBD products.