How to Make Weed Last Longer: 5 Tips That’ll Conserve Your Pot Budget

weed in a jar

Time to take inventory of things that you need to pick up this week. Dog food, cat food, hot dog buns, weed. You could have sworn you picked up some last week yet here you are again.

It’s not the cheapest expense in the world that’s why you need to learn how to make weed last longer. It’s not as hard as you think and it doesn’t involve smoking less. It involves smoking smarter.

Switching up to glass pipes or making edibles can make a world of difference. Here are a few other useful tips that will help you budget and conserve your weed.

1. Buy in Bulk

When you’re buying your weed from Dope Mail, try to buy in bulk. Yes, the upfront cost of this will be high but you won’t have to buy more for a long while because you’ll be able to stretch it out.

If you want to make your bulk purchases last even longer, place it in the SMTWTFS pillboxes. This will help you evenly distribute it through the week so you’re less likely to burn through it as fast.

2. Make Edibles

This may seem a bit counterproductive because edibles eat up a bunch of weed. That’s not a bad thing though. This method takes a lot longer to kick in than if you just smoked but the high you get with edibles will last for hours on in.

You won’t have to smoke or in this case eat, anything else for a long time so it will be easier for you to conserve.

3. Follow Instructions

Every package of weed comes with some kind of recommended dosage on it. Follow this dosage. You’ll find that it will be enough for a significant hit.

If a few minutes have past and you haven’t felt anything then you may take a second dose but let the few minutes pass first.

4. Switch to Glassware

Switching to glassware can help you conserve more weed than about any other device. You don’t have to pack as much into them that you do a joint or a blunt.

Glassware is also easier to clean so it’s more convenient all around.

5. Smoke at Night

Many people will smoke in the morning to try and set themselves up for the entire day but you’ll use less weed if you smoke at night after your hard day is over.

Try and come up with a different activity for the morning such as jogging or reading.

How to Make Weed Last Longer and Spend Less Money

Do you feel like you’re going through your weed once a week? It gets really expensive. Learn how to make weed last longer so you can have more money in your pocket.

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