The Stuff is Everywhere: How Has CBD Become so Mainstream?


Did you know that the overall sales of CBD are expected to reach nearly $2 billion by 2022? That’s because CBD has become increasingly popular in the last years and now there are more than 850 brands that commercialize CBD-related products.

But why is CBD so mainstream nowadays? What makes people shop for this substance on the internet or at local health stores? Here are a few reasons to think about:

1. The 2018 Farm Bill Made CBD Mainstream

One of the best reasons why CBD is so popular nowadays is because of the approval of the 2018 Farm Bill signed by the US President Donald Trump. This bill made the cultivation of hemp legal in many American states. Hemp is one of the main sources of CBD and the bill moved this substance from the Schedule I to Schedule V.

Schedule V consists of drugs and substances which are considered to be unoffensive such as cough syrup. Once the cultivation of hemp became legal, the production of CBD increased dramatically in the upcoming years.

2. CBD Is Available in So Many Forms

Thanks to the fact that more CBD was produced, manufacturing companies put this substance in various products such as oils, pills, lotions, tinctures, etc. You can also get CBD vape juice, a CBD isolate or CBD vape pen if you wish so. This diversity of administration methods makes CBD appealing to a broader audience and that’s why it became so popular in recent years.

3. CBD Has Numerous Medical Benefits

Although scientists and researchers are continuously testing CBD on a wide variety of patients, it’s common knowledge that this substance has medical benefits. For example, it can be administered to alleviate seizures in patients with epilepsy.

CBD oil is also great for people who have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. This substance soothes the mind of users and helps them relax during the night to achieve a rejuvenating sleep. Studies show that administering a combination of hemp extract and mainstream cbd also reduces daily stress by suppressing the cortisol hormone.

A growing body of evidence also shows that CBD can be successfully used to treat pain and inflammation. This substance can be used for regular pains such as back or neck pains, but it’s also extremely beneficial to soothe the pain of people with terminal illnesses.

4. CBD Can Be Used as a Recreational Drug in Some States

Many states approved the use of CBD for medical purposes, but also recreational ones. This means that adults are allowed to legally use CBD to get high and experience elevated states of consciousness. Many people love the idea of using CBD for recreational purposes as this type of substance has fewer side effects in comparison with other drugs such as alcohol, for example.

How Do You Take CBD?

As you can see, CBD has become so mainstream because it offers numerous medical properties and it’s widely available in oils, pills, lotions or vape pens. What’s your favorite administration method?

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