Cannabis Light Schedule: The Secret of High-Yield Marijuana Growth

Cannabis Plant Inside a Green House

There are many things to know and learn when you start growing cannabis of your own and the learning curve is huge. However, one of the easiest things to learn about and to understand early on is the correct cannabis light schedule.

This is extremely important to know when it comes to growing cannabis and many people have many questions about it but, in reality, it is really very simple. Once you learn it once, you will know it forever.

Read on to learn about the proper cannabis light schedule for all stages of the growing process, and find out some tips and tricks about lighting along the way too.

Cannabis Light Schedule for an Indoor Grow

Understanding the light schedule for an indoor cannabis grow is simple. There are only two stages in the life of a cannabis plant: the vegetative stage and the flowering stage. When the grower decides to move his or her plants from one stage to another, the light schedule changes. That’s really all there is to it.

Light for the Vegetative Stage

When your plants are in the vegetative stage, they should receive light for anywhere between eighteen and a complete twenty-four hours a day.

Most growers keep their plants in their vegetative stage for four to eight weeks. During this time, the plants grow taller and their leaves and stems grow stronger and develop. Buds do not yet appear. 

In the vegetative stage, the plants are tricked into “thinking” that it is summertime. They will continue to grow and will get bigger as long as you let them. 

There is some debate as to whether a schedule of 18/6 or a schedule of 24/0 is better during this stage. Some people think constant light is the way to go; others believe their plants benefit from a period of darkness and rest. What you choose to do is up to you; both schedules can result in a large and high-quality yield.

Light for the Flowering Stage

Once the plants are big and strong and, in some cases, have been trimmed and trained to a shape you desire, it’s time to encourage them to enter the flowering stage.

The way to do this is a simple change in your cannabis light schedule. When you want your plants to start the flowering process, they should be put on a schedule that is 12/12. They should receive twelve uninterrupted hours of light and twelve uninterrupted hours of darkness each day.

This change will trick your plants into thinking that it is autumn and winter is coming soon. They flower in an effort to reproduce and to continue the natural cycle of life.

Once you make this change, you will see buds begin to form in just a few short days. After a while, they will grow and grow until they are ready to harvest.

At this point, you’ll be more than ready to try your crop, but your cannabis isn’t quite ready yet. You’ll need to trim it, dry it, and cure it first. Some people enjoy trimming buds during flowering, but others harvest, dry and then trim instead. 

Happy Growing 

Knowing the basics effects of a cannabis light schedule on your plants is crucial. Following the above suggestions for light when growing is the secret to a high-yield, successful grow. Good luck and happy growing!

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