No Drugs Needed: How to Get a Natural High

Do you want to try what it’s like to get high? Are you afraid that you’ll get addicted to drugs if you try to get high with substances? Do you want to get past your substance abuse habits, but still miss the high you get from them?

Cannabis is the most popular drug people turn to, with 192 million users worldwide. It’s quite controversial due to the different opinions regarding cannabis use and its medical benefits. 

The good news is that you don’t always need drugs to get high. In this guide, we’ll discuss how to get a natural high. Keep reading to find out what it takes to get a natural high.

1. Learn How to Get a Natural High With Exercise

One of the best ways of getting high naturally is with exercise. Exercising and joining sports give you an adrenaline rush. It also stimulates your brain to create feel-good hormones that are like the rush you get from drugs.

Exercising gives many athletes natural highs that they become addicted to it. This is the reason that unconventional addictions like addiction to exercises or workouts exist. 

It’s natural for the body to create these hormones to encourage you to keep going. Some of the best exercises include running, swimming, and boxing. If you prefer to work with other people, try your hand at team sports.

Let’s not forget that exercising has a lot of great benefits to your health. Cardiovascular exercises offer the most benefits to your body. Among exercises, cardiovascular exercises give the strongest natural highs.

If you don’t want to go running, you can stay stationary with gym workouts. If you’re new to exercising, get a gradual start. Try other types of activities like dancing if you don’t like doing monotonous sets or running in circles.

2. Sit Down and Meditate

If you don’t have time to go to the park or gym for a run, find a quiet room and meditate instead. Yoga has a way of calming you and reducing your stress and anxiety. If this is what you’re after, start meditating often.

Like exercising, meditating releases endorphins. Endorphins work like opioids, relieving pain, and giving you a sense of euphoria. However, with meditation, you gain more benefits.

You don’t only reduce stress, but you also stimulate better emotional health. Meditating also enhances self-awareness and increases your attention span. This can benefit you in the workplace, especially if you often work with detailed tasks.

Because you feel better and lighter, you become kinder and stronger at fighting addictions. Another benefit of meditation is that it helps reduce age-related memory loss. Some studies found how meditation keeps the mind young, quick, and attentive.

3. Get High and Sensual With a Partner

Getting intimate with a trusted and loved partner can put you in a trance-like state. The high you get from orgasm isn’t too far from the high you get from drugs. Again, it’s one of the reasons why there are people who become addicted to sex.

We go back and look at our culprit: dopamine. This euphoric reward hormone comes out after orgasm, making you feel like you’re flying. It’s also what makes sex so pleasurable for humans.

Another hormone that triggers our want for sex and sensuality is oxytocin. This is the hormone that bonds and connects us to a partner. It’s what makes you want to cuddle and get close to your partner after the activity.

Oxytocin also has pain-relieving properties. It helps you cope with stress and headaches during or before sex. It also helps ease any discomfort from rough play.

You don’t always need sex to get high with a partner. Sensual touching and positive physical touching can reduce stress. This works best when the person touching you is one you have immense love and respect for.

4. Volunteer and Help Others

There’s a reason you feel good when you help other people. People who volunteer often have higher self-esteem and happiness. Some studies back this up and present the other benefits of volunteering. 

It goes against your instincts to focus on the self. It offers better personal development. Doing good things for others also helps the community in the long run. 

You have to do more than donate items or money to volunteer groups. Join volunteering activities. This also helps open your mind to others’ dispositions and see the world in their shoes. 

5. Sleep Well

If you want to learn how to get a natural high from doing nothing, get a good night’s sleep. Make time to give your body the rest it needs. Get a comfortable mattress and change your sheets so you rest better.

You won’t feel high while you’re asleep. However, it’ll help keep you feel great for the rest of the day. It’ll feel like you experienced a good high beforehand and keep you feeling great throughout the day. 

You can boost the great feeling of waking from a full sleep with coffee. There’s no better way to start your day than a restful sleep and morning coffee. However, a caffeine-induced high isn’t a natural high anymore.

6. Laugh More

The best way to get high is to be happier and more positive. It’s better than growing kratom or taking drugs that elicit simulate joy. For many people, laughter is a way of liberating themselves from pain and stress.

Laughter is one of the most natural ways of getting those feel-good chemicals. It helps you de-stress, relieve anxieties, fight pain, and more. It’s where the saying about laughter being the best medicine comes from.

Don’t be afraid to seek experiences or activities that make you laugh more. Go to comedy shows, dance with your loved ones, or review your favorite rom-com. Remembering good times with friends or family can help you feel good right away.

Start Seeking a Natural High

These activities may take more work. For example, exercising and getting enough sleep takes commitment for you to feel high. However, it’s not too different from committing your time to get and take drugs or alcohol.

Rearrange your priorities and point of view about getting high. Soon, you’ll be enjoying the natural high these more beneficial activities offer.

That’s our list of activities that work great as alternatives to unhealthy drug abuse habits. Did you enjoy learning how to get a natural high? If you want to see more content like this, go and read our other guides today!