Try These 7 Weed Games With Your Smoking Buddies to Add Some Fun

Weed Games

With the world having hit pause on the heels of COVID, marijuana use for recreational purposes has soared. If you’re among those that have upped your weed consumption to make it through what has proved to be a challenging year, more power to you!

You may though want to add new dimensions to your smoking experience to try and make crushing those bowls more interesting.

To that end, the next time you have a group of friends together, take these weed games for a spin. We’re willing to bet that after playing a few, they’ll become a staple for you and your mates.

1. Music and Marijuana

If you listen closely to a lot of song’s lyrics, you’ll find that a ton of artists tip their hats to marijuana. Therein lies the core of Music and Marijuana.

You and your friends can throw on a playlist, have a joint handy and take a drag every time a singer makes mention of pot. Last person standing wins!

2. Cinematic Smoking

This smoking games classic is similar to Music and Marijuana except you play with movies. Throw on a handful of your favorite films and anytime marijuana is mentioned or used, take a drag.

The last person that can clearly describe the plot of the movie you’re watching is the winner.

3. Bong Pong

We’ve all played beer pong before. Bong pong, however, is a little more niche.

To win at this game, you’ll want to fire ping pong balls across a table and try to land them in your opponent’s cups. Every time you score, your opponent will remove the cup that was hit and will take a bong rip.

Whoever eliminates all of the other team’s cups first wins. If the other team becomes to high to play, last team standing can also claim victory.

4. Hold the Hit

Fun weed games like this work well if you’ve got a lot of people together. All you have to do is take a hit, pass the joint and hold your hit in. If you exhale before the joint makes its way back around to you, you lose.

If everybody has successfully held their hit, continue to hold until one person breaks. That person is out and the last person standing wins.

5. Mary Jane Jenga

Build a Jenga tower. Pull out its bricks one by one. Whoever topples the tower of Marry Jane must take a bong hit.

Pretty straight forward!

6. Cannabis Cards

If you love cards, this weed games favorite is for you! Pick your favorite card game (we like 21) and bet with how many joint drags you’ll take. If you lose the hand, take that many drags.

7. Categories

Pick a category (like movies) and go around a circle each mentioning one item in that category. The first person that can’t come up with an item within the allotted amount of “think time” takes a drag or a bong hit.

Weed Games Make Smoking a Lot More Fun

There’s something about smoking just to smoke that can become grating after a while. By adding weed games into the mix, you create a fresh experience that’ll keep your parties feeling a lot more lively.

Have fun experimenting with our canna games suggestions and feel free to dive into more of the fun content we have featured on our blog!