7 Products You Didn’t Know Could Be Made From Hemp

Hemp Products

From its possible first use in China hundreds of thousands of years ago to today’s day and age, products made from hemp stand the test of time. 

You may have friends and family who are weary of the plant because of its marijuana-related implications, but here’s an opportunity to teach. This is because products made from hemp itself are harmless when it comes to highs. 

There is a diverse range of uses for hemp that can benefit both the economy as well as the environment. Here are seven products you may not know can be made from hemp!

1. Hemp Lotion

First up there’s hemp lotion. Hemp seeds contain a lot of important vitamins that your body can benefit from. 

These include Vitamin E and Vitamin C, which provide your body with antioxidants and evening out dark sports.  

2. Hemp Paper

You read that right!

Hemp paper can be made from hemp fibers when they are pulped. And this means that when you buy and use hemp paper you’re also saving a bunch of trees because hemp is easier to grow and use. 

3. Hemp For Hair

Now, hemp oil for hair can provide tons of benefits for the same reasons as the hemp lotion.

Hemp oil is also rich in vitamins and fatty acids that will stimulate your hair growth and increase the shine in your locks. All you need to do is apply it to your scalp!

4. Hemp Fabric

Next, there’s hemp fabric. Hemp textiles made with hemp fibers have been observed to perform better than materials like cotton.

In hemp cloth diapers, the fabric is much more absorbent. In regular clothing, hemp fabrics have demonstrated better resistance to the weather, keeping people warmer in the cold. 

5. Hemp Protein

If you’ve been looking to bulk up and maybe also go vegetarian, hemp protein is an interesting alternative to standard protein powder. 

You may remember from the lotion and oil that hemp seeds carry plenty of fatty acids and vitamins. In fact, some might even consider hemp seeds to be a superfood!

6. Hemp Beer

Another interesting product made from hemp is beer. The relationship between hops and cannabis is quite close botanically, so it’s not too difficult to make beer with hemp. 

Beer with a cannabis infusion won’t get you high, but it will add a new flavor to your drink. 

7. Hemp Walls

Finally, a crazy item made from hemp is concrete! Hemp plants have a woody center that can be processed into hempcrete. 

Hempcrete can be used as a sturdy building material and also as an excellent insulator for homes. 

Products Made From Hemp Can Help!

Whether you’re trying to find the perfect gift for your all-natural friend or looking to purchase more plant-based products yourself, products made from hemp can help. 

You’re sure to be making a unique and environmentally-friendly choice and getting some health benefits at the same time. 

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