5 Fun Things to Add to Your Hookah Smoke

Woman Smoking Hookah

Do you enjoy smoking hookah? Are you looking to make your hookah smoking experience even more enjoyable?

Luckily, there are things you can add to your hookah that will make it taste better and make the experience more fun. 

Check out this guide to discover the top fun things to add to the hookah smoke. 

1. Ice 

Ice is the easiest and most common thing to add to your hookah base. 

Ice is great to add to your hookah because it cools your smoke even further. And, it makes the smoke smoother, thicker, and easier to smoke. If you like the thickness that ice adds to your hookah, then be sure to check out this guide to learn how to make hookah smoke thicker

If you’re going to add ice to your hookah, make sure you don’t clean your base with warm water right after smoking with ice. This is because extreme temperature changes can negatively affect the structure of the glass. 

2. Fruit Juice or Soda 

Fruit juice and soda are also great for adding to your hookah. 

If you’re looking for some simple sweetness, we suggest going for a fruit punch or some sort of sweet tropical juice. In terms of sodas, you can pretty much choose any flavor you want. However, we suggest using a flat soda. This is because the carbon dioxide from fizzy soda can get caught in your hose. 

3. Frozen Fruits or Popsicles 

Frozen fruits or popsicles are also great to add to your hookah. 

With popsicles, you get the cooling effect of ice combined with the delicious fruity flavor- aka, the best of both worlds. Tossing in some frozen fruit will also add some chill to the water while providing you with a boost in flavor. 

Before you add frozen fruit in, make sure to add in some water. To give the fruit flavor a nice finish, we suggest throwing in a mint leaf as well. 

4. Mints 

If you’re craving something refreshing and cool, then mint can be a great addition to your hookah. 

You can add Altoids, mint leaves, or any type of flavored-mint product you enjoy. If you really want a bold hookah flavor, you can add ice to the mix as well. If you find that the mint flavor is too powerful, then you may want to add some citrus mints or some fruitier mints. 

5. Wine 

Yes, it may sound weird to add alcohol to your hookah, but hear us out on this one. 

Wine can add the perfect amount of subtle flavor to your hookah. However, keep in mind that this won’t get you drunk in any way, it’s just for the flavor. Also, don’t waste your good wine for this. To get the right flavor, any bottom shelf wine will do just fine. 

Are You Ready to Step Up Your Hookah Smoke? 

Now that you know what to add to your hookah smoke, it’s time to give these options a try. Pretty soon, your hookah smoking experience will be a lot more enjoyable thanks to these additions. 

Be sure to check back in with our blog for more hookah smoking tips and tricks.