Reaching New Highs: A Guide to the Strongest Marijuana Strains

Various Marijuana Strains

Once upon a time, buying Marijuana was a gamble. You could hand over your money and get a weak, barely noticeable high or be glued to the couch for a month. It was a culture of getting what you are given.

That has now changed, especially with laws legalizing Marijuana in many states. Weed is now being produced in better quality with more choice, and it can sometimes be hard to know exactly which strain is the best. Below, we give you our rundown on the strongest marijuana strains on the market today.

What Makes the Strongest Marijuana Strains?

When looking at the strength of Marijuana, your main determining factor is the level of tetrocannabinoids (THC). The higher the percentage, the stronger your high will be. Once you have determined this, take a look at the genetics of the plant.

Genetics will determine much of the plant’s characteristics. This includes everything from the scent and texture, to the impact and speed of the high. Also remember that every strain will have a different impact on each individual, so test a little to begin with and see how you react. 

Ghost Train Haze and OG

Ghost Train is one of the strongest hybrid cannabis strains on earth and comes with a number of variations. Two that you should look out for are the Sativa variety ‘Haze’ and ‘OG’. Both are very powerful and should be used, only by veteran users.

Ghost Train OG has a THC content of around 20%, meaning it packs a real punch. Bred for its powerful, euphoric high, it is said to have been developed from the first OG Kush. It has less of an intense effect than Haze, though is still powerful.

The second variety, Ghost Train Haze, is a hybrid between OG and a strain known as Nevilles Wreck. Its THC content is close to 26%, making it much stronger than the latter and suitable only for experienced marijuana users. It can produce extremely strong highs, but also some bad comedowns for those not accustomed to it. 

Bruce Banner

A lot of marijuana strains exist that take the name of Marvel’s huge green powerhouse, and none of them fail to live up to expectations. Bruce Banner is the most powerful of them all.

This weed is so strong it is one of the top medicinal marijuana in the US, and is used for treating mental ailments such as depression and anxiety. It has a huge 29% THC content and was even named as one of the strongest available in 2017. It is used widely throughout the US.

Bruce Banner produces an intense glow and energy. Following this, you will find a mellow period and deep relaxation of the body. It is derived from the genetics of Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush. 

Strawberry Banana

Strawberry varieties of marijuana have a sweet, sugary scent and thick smoke. Their plants have small red hairs that make them look like the fruit of their namesake. They are also very strong, with Strawberry Banana being one of the strongest.

With an average THC count of 26%, some growths have been known to yield THC levels of nearly 32%. The high produces a heavy relaxation feeling with some users reporting periods of intense focus. It can keep you immobile or feeling lazy for a long period of time. 

This Indica and Sativa strain hybrid is actually very easy to grow and flowers within 8 to 9 weeks. The sweet tooth strain is also available and has a more energetic high than this one. 

Gorilla Glue and Royal

Gorilla is one of the best marijuana strains created by marijuana cultivators, for marijuana users. As such, it is a great introductory marijuana for anyone wanting to move on to something stronger. A variety of types are available.

The first one is Gorilla Glue. Named as such because of its sticky, resin-like texture that glues you to the couch. It produces levels of THC that can reach around 30% with highs that are mellow and long-lasting. 

For anyone wanting something with a slightly lower THC level, Royal Gorilla can come in at around a THC level of 26%. Glue gives an intense level of relaxation to the body, where Royal will a slightly more cerebral effect.

White Tahoe Cookies

Another strain developed by cultivators, this Marijuana combines three of the best-known weeds in one hybrid. The white, Tahoe Og and Girl Scout Cookies come together to form a strong and balanced leaf.

White Tahoe Cookies can produce levels of up to 25% THC. It is an instantaneous high, that starts with an intense rush of energy followed by a mellow relaxation. People have used it to treat mental ailments and even joint pain or inflammation

Anyone wanting something with a little less punch should go for its parent plant, The White. This has levels of THC around 21% and will produce similar effects but with a slower, creeping high as opposed to the instant hit.

Where Do I Source Them?

The strongest marijuana strains are luckily easy to buy and you can purchase most online. All you have left to do is try them and see which one is for you. Always remember to begin with a little, as the ones on the list are all intensely strong. 

If you are looking for some legal ways to get high while waiting for your strains, browse our blog. We have lots of articles on ways to get high, relax, and expand your mind. Come and join us today!