5 Tips on Safely Buying CBD Online for New Users

Buying CBD Online

Safely buying CBD online has never been so tricky.

The FDA sent out warning letters to CBD companies who were lying to customers. Companies like Noli Oil in Texas told customers their CBD products could inhibit cancer cell growth, even though there’s currently not enough research to back up that claim.

Countless unsuspecting customers were buying CBD products, mistakenly believing it would prevent and or cancer. Other companies were selling CBD products for dogs and kids that were completely untested!

It’s scary to think about what could happen if you bought an unsafe CBD product. However, you shouldn’t let fear dictate your life, or rob you of the opportunity to enjoy the many real benefits of CBD.

Read on to learn 5 safety tips for buying CBD online.

1. Trying Different CBD Products

The first step towards safely buying CBD online is to understand all of the different legitimate CBD products available. Here’s a shortlist of CBD products to try:

  • CBD topicals
  • CBD tinctures & oils
  • CBD beauty products
  • CBD capsules and soft gels
  • CBD isolate powder
  • CBD wax and shatter
  • CBD flower
  • CBD vapes
  • CBD gummies

If you have respiratory problems, like asthma, you’d want to steer clear of CBD products you have to inhale. For instance, CBD flower, vapes, wax, and shatter, are all forms of CBD that you smoke or vape.

Instead, you could choose topicals or CBD products you can orally ingest. For instance, CBD tinctures can be ingested orally, or you can simply place your dosage under your tongue for a sublingual application.

Next, topicals are a great choice if you’re looking for pain relief in an isolated area. For example, let’s say you have arthritis in your hands. By applying a CBD topical directly to your hands, you’ll get faster, more effective pain relief than you would by ingesting CBD orally.

To make sure you’re buying a topical from a trustworthy source, double-check the CBD providers hemp source. If the hemp is sourced in a safe area, like the United States, the topical could contain harmful contaminants.

Finally, try finding a company that uses CibiDinol, such as Xceptol products. CibiDinol is a form of CBD that’s water compatible, and it has a lot of benefits that oil-based CBD products don’t. By making the CBD molecule have a higher bioavailability, CiBiDinol makes CBD products more effective, and safe.

2. Read Online Customer Reviews

Moving on, another way to make sure you’re making a safe buy is to read online customer reviews. When you’re reading reviews, you should read at least 10 to get a good feel for how customers are responding to the product.

However, don’t let 1 or 2 bad reviews scare you away. Even the best products from the safest companies are bound to have 1-2 unsatisfied customers from time to time. Instead of getting hung up on 1 or 2 bad reviews, look for trends.

After reading 10 reviews, do you see any recurring complaints? If a complaint is popping up over and over, for more than 2 customers, it’s probably a legitimate concern. If a company has multiple negative reviews, and the reviews include similar complaints, take your business elsewhere!

3. Understand the Benefits of CBD

Next, before you buy CBD products, make sure you fully understand what benefit you’re looking to achieve. Here’s a shortlist of things CBD can help with:

  • Acne treatment
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Cancer-related pains and symptoms
  • Sleep aide
  • Pain relief
  • Mood enhancer
  • Arthritis
  • Headaches and migraines

Before purchasing a CBD product, take a moment to do a bit of research to see if the benefit you want is something CBD can deliver. For instance, CBD can’t cure cancer, however, it can help relieve things like nausea caused by cancer treatments.

4. Third-Party Lab Tests

Moving on, you should only purchase CBD products that have a 3rd party lab report. A 3rd party lab report means the product you’re about to buy has been tested and analyzed by someone other than the person who’s selling the product.

Since CBD products are highly unregulated, reading the lab report will give you the peace of mind that you’re buying a quality product. The lab that’s performing the test will first test the CBD product for cannabinoid profiles.

By testing the cannabinoid profiles, the lab can determine exactly how much CBD and or THC the product contains. Another thing third-party labs test for is biological contaminants.

For instance, mold, fungi, and parasites are all biological contaminants that can cause problems such as allergic reactions or sickness. By reading the lab report, you’ll be able to guarantee you’re not ingesting anything that’s going to cause you harm.

5. How to Read CBD Labels on Products

Once you find a CBD product that you want to try, the next step is to read the product’s label. You can start by reading the ingredients to make sure it’s the type of product you want to consume. For instance, there are some CBD products out there that contain trace amounts of THC, while other products are THC free.

If you’re worried about failing a drug test, you’d want to purchase a CBD product that’s 100% THC free. Next, find out what the suggested serving size is, along with the total milligrams of CBD in the package. By understanding how potent the product is, it’ll be easier for you to get the proper CBD dosage.

Enjoy Safely Buying CBD

There you have it! The top 5 tips for safely buying CBD online. What’s 1 tip you’re going to use when you go out to buy your next CBD product?

Will you be taking the time to verify the third party lab report? Or are you going to focus on reading the customer reviews online?

Of course, to have the safest buying experience possible, you should follow all of the tips you read here today! For more great tips, go ahead and read another one of our articles. You’ll be glad you did.