How to Kickstart Your Cigar Collection

Cigar Collection

Are you seeking a new avocation? Looking to become a connoisseur of sorts? Unfortunately, in your quest for refined recreation, you may have hit a wall.

You have discovered accumulating fine liquours is old-hat. Collecting craft beer has reached a saturation point. Even homebrewing is a headache. 

Forget those ideas. If you really want a high-rolling hobby, consider starting a cigar collection.

Cigars have long been a staple of cultivation, but starting a collection is the path to being a true aficionado. So, if you are interested in kickstarting a cigar collection, read on. Here is all you need to build one and to make it last.

Set a Budget

If you are new to collecting cigars, it’s smart to set a budget. This works two-fold. First, a collection requires more than 2-3 cigars. You will need box quantities to build your repertoire.

Next, a budget lets you scale your tastes accordingly. There is no sense in buying the most expensive cigars you see right away.  Your pallet needs practice. Work your way up to the top shelf cigars. You will have a better appreciation for the profiles. 

Cigars for All Occasions

For a well-rounded collection, you should consider buying cigars for all occasions.

For example, if you have the guys over for poker night, keep a box of mid-range cigars on hand to share. Alternatively, some occasions like an anniversary or bachelor party call for top-shelf stogies

The span of a collection isn’t only based on price. Some cigars are better to smoke in the morning. Others pair well with coffee after dinner. Determine how you like to smoke and plan your purchases. 

Keep a Journal 

Whether it’s a digital database or a leather-bound book, taking notes will help determine which way your collection goes. With a journal, you can determine taste profiles and refine your preferences. 

Keep track of every new cigar you try. The brand, the origin, the size, the price. Some enthusiasts even save the cigar band.  This data will give you a better understanding of which cigars you collect.

Invest in a Humidor

If you are serious about developing a cigar collection, you can’t keep them in any old box. Invest in a humidor. A cigar humidor is a humidity-controlled locker for storing tobacco. 

A humidor holds a perfect moisture level to keep cigars fresh for long periods of time. There are humidor designs for any level of collector. They range from the size of a cigar box to a  full-sized safe. To see what is available, check out Adorini Humidors

Getting a humidor will change your collector status. 

A Cigar Collection to Take Pride In

Building a cigar collection is an amazing hobby to pick up. Keep this guide in mind when starting out. With these tips, you will be a cigar aficionado in no time. 

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