A Guide to the Most Popular CBD MLM Companies

CBD MLM Companies

The CBD market could reach $20 billion in annual sales by 2024. After the strict federal restrictions on CBD ended in 2018, the market exploded. Unlike its psychoactive cousin THC, CBD from hemp is legal to sell in every state. 

CBD is one of the best-selling supplements given its short time on the legal market. The customer base for CBD is reliable, educated, and employed. Their main problem is finding CBD sellers that inspire brand loyalty.

You can help fill that gap by joining a CBD MLM company. First, you need to do your homework on CBD MLM companies. This guide highlights the most popular CBD MLM companies selling CBD products.

Hemp Herbals from HB Naturals

The Hemp Herbals line from HB Naturals uses hemp straight from their farm. Their fresh, whole-plant extraction method produces pure, fragrant CBD oils. 

To join the distribution team, you must sign up for a member account. There’s no charge to sign up, and you’re given a sales website from the start. If you want to make a few hundred dollars a year, the website income alone is enough.

HB Naturals pays their team six other ways, as well. Most incentives rely on building a team with high sales numbers to generate bonuses. If you want to stick to online sales, you still make 50% of the commission value. 


Boasting a full line of products, Kannaway is one of the most popular CBD MLM companies. The company sells CBD oils, salves, and edibles made from hemp grown in the Netherlands. Every product undergoes a triple-testing process to ensure its safety.

Brand ambassadors for Kannaway join the team after paying an annual business fee. Included with the payment are a personalized sales website and training materials. To stay on the team, you need to buy or sell at least $100 per month.

Base-level brand ambassadors earn money six ways, plus free products. Your commission rate at the base level is around 30% of the commissionable volume.

Green Compass

Green Compass is run by farmers focused on providing clean, organic CBD. To ensure the CBD is fresh, they cut out the middleman. Their CO2 extraction process leaves no harmful chemicals in the end products. 

The MLM arm of Green Compass is considered brand advocates. Joining the team is a three-step process that starts with buying a business kit.

The basic kit includes the necessary paperwork but no product samples for customers. This Green Compass Global review walks you through the various kits and their prices.

CBD MLM Companies Offer You a Unique Way to Sell CBD to an Ever-Growing Customer Base

Pure CBD oils from trusted sources are hard to find with today’s massive market. By joining CBD MLM companies, you can help keep CBD customers safe. You’re giving them direct access to well-tested CBD products free from scams.

As a bonus, you’ll make money for your hard work selling trustworthy CBD products. Set your CBD MLM money aside for a rainy day or pay the bills. If you put all your energy into it, your MLM CBD gig could even pay for a new car.

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