The Only Kratom Dosage Guide You Need

Kratom Dosage Guide

There’s a reason why the kratom industry is worth an estimated $5 billion. Millions are people are discovering the power of the natural plant product.

However, finding the correct dosage is an incredibly important part of having a positive experience with the substance. Unfortunately, determining dosage isn’t always easy with kratom. Luckily, we organized this kratom dosage guide to help you find out the right amount for you to take. Let’s get started!

Kratom Dosage Guide

Everyone reacts to kratom differently. As such, no one dosage will work for everyone. If you’re new to the substance, then we recommend taking one to two grams. Wait and see how it feels.

If you aren’t satisfied, then up your dosage by one gram until you reach a level that you feel comfortable. We also recommend not taking more than three doses in a day. Unfortunately, measuring kratom isn’t always easy. There are three popular methods you can choose from which we will go into.

Method One: Eyeball It

One way of measuring kratom is by using everyday kitchen utensils. However, keep in mind that this method is far from perfect. Because of the dense nature of kratom powder, it’s easy for the measurements to get thrown off if you pack it too tightly.

However, if you don’t have a scale, then this is your best option. One teaspoon of kratom powder typically equals 2 to 2.3 grams. One tablespoon on the other hand equals roughly 6.2 to 7 grams.

Method Two: Use a Scale

If you want to take out all of the guesswork from measuring, then your best bet is to invest in a high-quality digital scale. That way you know for sure exactly how much kratom you’re taking.

Simply place a bowl or glass on the scale and press the tared option. Once the scale reads zero, sprinkle in the amount of kratom you desire. Make sure to get an accurate scale that is capable of reading decimal places instead of just whole numbers.

Method Three: Purchase a Pre-Measured Product

If measuring out kratom doses sounds like too much work, then fear not. Many kratom manufacturers offer premeasured products. That way, you don’t have to worry about getting your dosage wrong. Look for capsules that contain a certain amount of grams online.

Or you can try a kratom shot. This is a shot bottle of the herb and extracts that you can take for single use. If you aren’t confident in your measuring abilities, then this is the best way to go.

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We hope this kratom dosage guide helped you find out how much of the substance you should take. As you can see, kratom can be a difficult product to measure.

However, as long as you use the advice in this article, you should have a positive experience with it. Did you enjoy this guide? If the answer is yes, then you’re in the right place. Keep exploring our site to find more topics you’re sure to love.