A Stoner’s Guide to Relaxing After a Long, Hard Day at Work

Relaxing After a Long at Work

Stress is a normal part of the human experience. You have probably felt stressed after a hard day at work sometime this month. It’s not normal when stress becomes so prevalent you can’t even relax your mind, though.

Chronic stress can cause a host of physical and mental health problems.

If you’re searching for ways to unwind after work, we can help. Keep reading to find our favorite ways to treat yourself after a long day.

1. Get Outdoors

Fight the urge to slump onto your couch after a stressful day or week at work. Instead, put on your hiking shoes and get some fresh air.

Studies show that 120 minutes per week in nature is what you need for good health and wellness. You don’t need to do a 5-mile mountain hike to reap the benefits. Even a twenty-minute walk can be enough to clear your head. 

You don’t need to exercise, either. Try planting a vegetable garden, planning a picnic, or stargazing. Any time outside is time well-wasted.   

2. Take a Bath

Is there any better feeling than sinking into a bubble bath after a long day? We don’t think so! Treat yourself to some high-quality Epsom salts or bubble bath to soak up all the benefits of your bath.

Hot baths can be transformative. They relieve tension, soothe sore muscles, and even lower your blood pressure

Up-level your bathing experience by using these CBD lotions and creams after you’re done.

CBD can provide relief for anxiety and tired out muscles (and minds). If you’re tempted to light a joint after a stressful day, give CBD a try first. It won’t get you high, but can still provide plenty of benefits.

3. Get Lost in a Book or Movie

There’s no better way to forget about work than losing yourself in the life of someone else. Books and movies can provide a much-needed escape when you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed at work. 

Reading often can change the structure of your brain (in a good way). Studies show that reading can create new white matter in the brain. White matter makes it easier for your brain to communicate and process information. 

Films are great for giving yourself a mental break. The right movie allows your brain to unplug and recharge. Enjoy the mental distraction from the stressors of your everyday life.

4. Pick Up a Hobby

Doing something you enjoy after work will give you something to look forward to after leaving the office. It can also help you unwind, relax, and feel better in general.

There are infinite hobbies you can try to see what jives best with your personality.

If you’re an outdoorsy person, try hiking, mushroom foraging, fishing, or wildlife photography. If you want a hobby that’ll sharpen your mind, try chess or put together a challenging jigsaw puzzle. If you’re searching for a side hustle, try picking up freelance writing, cake decorating, or woodworking. 

The possibilities are endless. Having something to pour yourself when you get home can erase a bad day at work.

Let Go After Hard Day at Work

Don’t let a hard day at work ruin the time you have left in your day. You don’t have to live your life resigned to always being exhausted from work. Pick an activity from our list above that you think will help you unwind when you get home. 

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