Marijuana Money: How to Legally Make Money from Cannabis

Posted on Nov 11, 2018 in Legal Cannabis

Marijuana Money: How to Legally Make Money from Cannabis

Many of the misperceptions about marijuana are fading like a puff of smoke. And the opportunities to legally make money from cannabis are on the rise.

Marijuana for medicinal use is more common than ever before. And in some states, recreational use of marijuana is now also legal.

Whether you enjoy smoking weed or adding cannabis butter to your toast, the pot industry is growing.

Don’t let the opportunity pass you by. Here is a look at legal ways to earn some serious marijuana money.

Make an Investment

If you recognize the opportunity for profit from pot but still want to keep some distance between you and the buds, consider investing.

Yes, marijuana companies are now on the stock exchange. Let other people grow it and smoke it while you trade it.

U.S.-based companies are making their way onto the exchange. Globally, there’s already a market for legal marijuana corporations.

Do your research before investing. Make sure the stocks you choose are reputable weed companies. Start with companies connected to medical marijuana and get a feel for the industry.

Follow the Real Estate Market

In states where marijuana is now legal, cities are seeing population growth.

This is great news for investing in real estate where marijuana is legally dispensed. Purchasing and managing an apartment building in a legal weed area could be a wise long-term investment.

Where new dispensaries or marijuana farms “crop” up, housing will become a premium investment. Jumping in on the real estate market in those areas puts you ahead of the real estate investment game.

There are short-term renters, too. Legal weed dispensaries have become destination vacation spots for pot seekers. Listing a home or apartment for rent on sites like Bud and Breakfast helps people find your cannabis-friendly place.

It’s like Airbnb but caters to a marijuana-friendly market.

Become a Marijuana Entrepreneur

If you find yourself in a city where marijuana is legal, consider opening a dispensary. If you aren’t yet in a place where weed is legal, get there fast.

Making money in marijuana doesn’t mean you have to grow it or stand on a street corner to sell it. In states like Colorado, owning and operating a retail weed shop is good business.

Legally sell everything from weed to edibles to paraphernalia. You can legally make good money from other folks getting high on cannabis.

Look for Dispensary Jobs

If owning a shop, investing, or being a landlord isn’t your thing, dispensaries are hiring.

As the legal marijuana industry grows, more jobs become available. You’ll find everything from supply chain and growing plants to working the counter at a dispensary.

Finding a career in cannabis has never been easier with a service like Hemp Staff. See job listings and receive training for jobs in the cannabis industry.

You’ll find jobs like:

  • Budtenders: Think of a bartender, but serving weed instead of drinks. Know your strains of weed and help dispensary customers find their perfect high.
  • Delivery Drivers: Medical marijuana dispensaries often deliver orders to home-bound patients.
  • Master Grower: If you have a green thumb and are good with people, master growers are in-demand. You’ll manage a team of growers while controlling everything about the atmosphere of the grow room.

Be sure to connect with legitimate, legal operations. It’s not worth the risk of jail or personal harm to work for an underground operation.

And with so many legal opportunities now available, earn your marijuana money the right way.

Make Marijuana Conversation

Even if marijuana isn’t legal everywhere, it’s not illegal to talk about it.

It’s easier than ever before to create a podcast about any topic of interest. Start a podcast discussing the finer points of marijuana use.

With a podcast show, you control the content. Anything of marijuana-related interest is good content for the airwaves and your audience.

Discuss travel destinations, favorite edibles, and new laws or regulations. Find sponsorships and partnerships to drive revenue through your podcast.

Offer Your Skills

Maybe you don’t smoke weed. But you know weed dispensaries need good websites and marketing campaigns.

If you’re a graphic or website designer, put your skills to good use for the marijuana industry. Build websites. Develop social media campaigns.

Maybe you’re a lawyer specializing in marijuana law. Or perhaps you have an eye for decorating retail spaces for success.

Dispensary owners know everything there is to know about growing and enjoying weed. But they might need help from other experts to grow their business.

Be the Munchies They Need

With marijuana comes the munchies.

Where marijuana is legal, you’re likely to find hungry people.

If you have good skills, take advantage of a golden opportunity to open a late-night food joint. Or park your food truck nearby and wait for the munchies to arrive.

With a food truck, you can travel to more than one dispensary in the area. Become a weed lovers favorite food high.

Offer what a marijuana munchie appetite needs most. Cheeseburgers, junk food boxes to go, and pizza will bring happy, hungry people to your food truck door.

Make the Most of Marijuana Money

Legal marijuana money is here. Whether you agree with the industry or not, profit from pot is worth a glance.

There’s some truth to the idea that if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. You don’t have to smoke it to enjoy the bounty from those who do.

But there’s no denying that the marijuana industry is on the rise. It’s making small steps toward legitimacy in the business world. With each new passing of legalization, profiting from pot makes good business sense.

We know weed isn’t for everyone. There are plenty of other legal ways to get high.

If smoking or ingesting weed isn’t your thing, there are other natural stimulants to try. Read about some of our favorite natural stimulants.

These stimulants are legal and can help you get through a hard day on the weed farm or running the dispensary. Like marijuana, natural stimulants also have medicinal value.

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How to Get Super High When You Have a High Weed Tolerance

Posted on Nov 10, 2018 in Legal Cannabis, Popular Legal Highs

How to Get Super High When You Have a High Weed Tolerance

What a bummer, you’re not getting high anymore! You’ve been smoking too much of that legal weed, and now you’ve built up a tolerance. You’re spending all your money but not getting enough bang for the buck.

Do you want to know how to get super high again? Here is your guide!

What Controls Tolerance?

Many drugs, legal or illegal, will teach your body how to get high. Marijuana has a special place in the world of legal intoxicants because of how potent its effect can be on the body.

Weed contains chemicals called cannabinoids, which interact with the cannabinoid receptors located in cells throughout the body.

Cannabinoid receptors occur in every cell and react with natural chemicals called endocannabinoids [cannabinoids that the body creates itself naturally]. They control cellular metabolism and can affect how hungry or tired you are.

The reason we smoke weed is because the marijuana plant produces these chemicals that are nearly identical to chemicals that our own bodies produce inside us.

This is very different from certain illegal drugs like cocaine. Cocaine doesn’t appear naturally in the body. It does, however, fit chemically in with certain neurotransmitters.

The effects of a high powered drug like cocaine can have serious negative consequences.

Never mind the legality of it [it’s a crime], but you will really damage your body with prolonged use of cocaine. Compare that to marijuana use, which doesn’t expose the body to harsh chemicals it can’t handle naturally.

When you take foreign cannabinoids into your body [by smoking or eating weed for instance], they mix with the natural endocannabinoids in your body and change how you feel. The three main effects are changes in appetite, sleep, and mood. You may get hungry, tired and happy.

Cannabinoids are naturally occurring substances. If you ingest a ton of them, your body will learn to adapt to it. You’ll begin to build a tolerance. That not how to get higher off of weed!

As you progress through your marijuana journey, you suddenly might suddenly be asking yourself how to get higher with weed! Simply smoking more might not be enough.

Take A Break

It’s not fun, but the best way to reduce your tolerance to marijuana is to take a break. How long your break lasts will determine how it affects you. Your body stores THC in fat cells all over your system.

Under normal circumstances, your body moves energy in and out of your healthy fat cells all the time. Your body is constantly using and replacing fat cells all over. Over time, you’ll flush the THC out of your system through natural metabolism.

You can speed up this process in several ways. Drinking plenty of water is one of the best ways. Getting regular exercise and sleep will help you reduce your weed tolerate capacity as well.

It can take up to 90 days for your body to metabolize all the THC that is sitting in your tissues.

Once the THC has been taken out of your system completely, you’ll be pretty much a newbie to smoking weed once again! Of course, you’ll know what to expect, so you won’t be a weed virgin. Sorry, it’s not going to be like the first time.

But you’ll still get blazed! Consider taking a few months off each year to renew your ability to get really high. Your body will appreciate it!

Move On Up

In most places where weed is legal, the local government has issued rules and regulations about testing the product. In places like Nevada and California, you can find out how strong the weed is before you buy it. Usually, shops list a percentage of total THC.

There are a bunch of cannabinoids, but THC is the most important one. THC is a basic measurement of how strong weed is. Lower THC means less strong weed. Higher THC means you get higher.

If you’re smoking weed and not getting as high as you’d like to, consider changing your strain to a more potent type.

A THC listing below 20% is considered “low grade” weed. 20% – 25% is high grade, and anything over 25% is considered super strong. Of course, the more potent the marijuana is, the more expensive it can be to buy it!


One idea of how to get really high off of weed is to stop smoking it and eat it! With legal marijuana, you CANNOT overdose.

You can, however, consume so much weed and get so high that you leave reality for a while. If this is what you’re after (and who isn’t?), you should try edibles.

When you smoke, you can only ingest the one puff you’re working on at a time. When you eat, you can put as much marijuana in your system as your belly can fit!

Be careful though! Adjusting from smoking to eating weed can be tricky. Many people report falling asleep.

That’s what a marijuana overdose looks like: you get tired and want to go to bed and take a nap. If you eat a huge amount of edible pot, you might not get high, you might fall asleep and miss it!


The final method of getting super high is to try using marijuana concentrates. These products are derived from weed plants. They contain processed and chemically concentrated THC.

Some concentrates are almost pure THC. Up to 95% pure! This stuff will knock you on your butt, and there isn’t a smoker alive who can’t get high with concentrates.

There are many types, of various quality and purity. You’ll have to test it out. This is an area where legal marijuana shines, as you wouldn’t want to trust the chemically processed wares of illegal marijuana producers to get your concentrates.

How to Get Super High

Learning how to get super high the legal way is easier and healthier than ever in 2018! With so many options, you never have to be sober again! If your weed isn’t cutting it, upgrade to a better product and you’ll get super high.

Get all the information on all the legal ways to get high, check out our blog!

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Soothe Your Nerves: 5 Natural Ways CBD Oil Can Help with Anxiety

Posted on Nov 4, 2018 in Legal Cannabis

Soothe Your Nerves: 5 Natural Ways CBD Oil Can Help with Anxiety

When you’re a person that deals with chronic anxiety, you’re not alone in the least. According to studies, 66 million adults and 25 million minors deal with anxiety on a regular basis.

This is a condition that will make it difficult to live your life at a high level because you’re always in your head and unable to express yourself.

Thankfully, a lot of people have found solutions in the form of CBD oil. To learn more about this treatment and how it can be helpful to you, read on.

CBD Oil Has Anti-Anxiety Properties

So what’s the verdict on CBD oil and its ability to heal anxiety? According to studies, it’s a wonder substance in that regard.

One of the reasons that CBD is useful in beating anxiety is that it decreases stress. If you are able to deal with the stress response in your body and mind, it’s less likely that you will have unnecessary stress.

A big reason that people deal with chronic anxiety is that they’re always in a perpetual fight or flight reaction to life. Your body is pumping adrenaline based on thought-loops that make you think that there is a credible threat looming.

With marijuana becoming legalized all over for medical and personal use, scientists are able to discover more about these anti-anxiety properties.

It Helps to Clear Brain Fog

Another reason that anxiety takes place is because your thoughts are muddled. CBD helps to clear anxiety, which makes it easier for you to process your thoughts.

When you’re able to process your thoughts in a way that is meaningful, you are less likely to get carried away with anxiety-inducing mental loops.

Using CBD Offers Neuro-Protective Benefits

Aside from anxiety alone, CBD has been shown to literally protect your brain. By accessing the cannabinoids in your brain, you are able to protect its circuitry and ward off cognitive disorders.

This means that by regularly using CBD, you are decreasing the likelihood of dealing with Alzheimer’s and other problems. You will keep stellar cognitive function as you age and grow.

You Get Anti-Depressant and Anti-Anxiety Effects Without the Dependency and Harm of a Pill

Since there are millions of people dealing with chronic anxiety, it means that millions are turning to pharmaceutical cures. The problem is that anti-anxiety medicine and anti-depressants are often habit-forming and can damage your body.

Conversely, CBD oil is very gentle on the body and non-addictive. In fact, CBD is not psychoactive, so you won’t even get high using it. You can take a few pulls of the oil in a vape regularly and still go about your daily life without feeling foggy or delayed.

Stay in the Loop on CBD News

The best part about CBD oil is that we’re just beginning to learn about its benefits. A lot of developments have taken place recently, and experts are rolling about more CBD products than ever to help people.

To up to date with marijuana legal news, keep stopping by our site and be sure to check out the rest of our content.

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Resin Be Gone! 5 Pro Tips for Cleaning Glass Pipes

Posted on Oct 26, 2018 in Legal Cannabis

Resin Be Gone! 5 Pro Tips for Cleaning Glass Pipes

According to studies, spending on the legal cannabis industry should hit $57 billion by 2027.

With this exponential growth, more and more people are finding different ways to smoke their weed. One of the most popular ones is via a glass pipe.

When you smoke with a pipe, the resin builds up. Over time, it blocks the pipe and smoking out of it because more difficult. It also affects the taste of the weed you’re smoking.

With the above in mind, here are five pro tips for cleaning glass pipes.

1. Use the Right Method for Cleaning Glass Pipes

There are various ways you can clean glass pipes. Here are three of the most common methods:

Cleaning Products

Some people prefer to use pipe cleaning products from a store or online. While it is an effective method, it can also become expensive.

The method you choose to clean your pipe depends on the amount of use it gets. If you smoke every day, using a cleaning solution will cost you a lot of money.

If you like to smoke once in a blue moon, it could be the most convenient method.

The amount of resin in your pipe also depends on the type of weed you smoke. Different types of weed can leave different resin residues. With this in mind, do your research before choosing your cleaning method.

It’s worth mentioning that a bottle cleaning solution from your local store could cost you more than $20. If you need more than one bottle a month, you’re looking at the best part of half a grand a year to clean your glass pipe.

Boiling Water and Dishwashing Liquid

With this method, put your pipe in a pot of lukewarm water over a medium fire. Then, increase until the water starts boiling.

In the space of 5 to 10 minutes, you’ll see the resin unsticking from your pipe. Once the resin starts coming off, remove your glass pipe from the water.

Let your pipe cool for up to 10 minutes and put it back in the fresh water with some dishwashing liquid.

With Q-tips, scrub your pipe until all the resin comes off. You can then rinse your pipe with warm water to remove the dishwashing liquid.

Salt and Alcohol

Salt and alcohol are a convenient and affordable alternative to professional cleaning products.

All you have to do is pour the rubbing alcohol into a bowl. Then, add the salt and stir the mixture in the bowl until it starts to dilute.

From there, put your pipe in the bowl and stir your glass pipe inside the mixture. With some time, the mixture will loosen the resin from your glass pipe.

Once you can see the resin coming off, use warm water to flush out your pipe.

This method is also great for small pipes. All you have to do is pour the same mixture in a ziplock bag, add your pipe, and shake it.

If there is too much resin stuck to your pipe, leave it to soak overnight. You can also repeat this method several times.

2. Clean Your Pipe Every Week

While the above methods are great for removing resin, you also have to take the time to clean your pipe on a regular basis.

The amount you clean your pipe will depend on the amount of use it gets.

With bongs, the process is more straightforward. You should clean this every day you use it. When it comes to glass pipes, try and clean it at least once a week.

Cleaning your pipe on a regular basis will make a difference to the taste of your weed. Instead of tasting the resin, you’ll taste your cannabis. This is especially important if you like to smoke different strains.

3. Use a Screen When You Smoke

Before, people would use screens with their pipes. This is because pipes were often wood or metal.

Today, with glass pipes, many don’t bother using screens anymore. But, little do they know that it can keep the resin from blocking their pipe.

While today’s weed is more cohesive and stays together in the bowl better, a screen can still help.

The screen won’t only stop the resin, it’ll stop chunks of weed getting stuck.

4. Don’t Forget to Use the Carb on Your Pipe

Glass pipes now come with a carb. This is the hole on the side of the pipe that you cover when you inhale.

This carb offers a similar effect to with a bong. By covering the hole, the smoke builds up in the chamber. Once you release the carb, the smoke buildup that goes into your lungs is cooler.

This method also lets air into the chamber which makes the smoke less harsh on your throat.

By using the carb on your glass pipe, debris is less likely to get stuck in the chamber. While it won’t stop resin buildup, it will offer you a cleaner smoking experience.

5. Clean Your Pipe With Products You Would Be Happy to Consume

There is a long list of products, chemicals, and additives that you wouldn’t eat if they were in your food. So, why should it be any different with your smokables?

Before you use a product to clean your pipe, check the labels.

There are various additives and chemicals in some of these products. By using them to clean your pie, you’ll be inhaling harmful substances while you smoke.

In fact, you can turn somewhat of a healthy experience into a toxic one in a matter of minutes!

Get More Tips From Legal Ways to Get High

As you can see, cleaning glass pipes isn’t that complex. That said, you need to make sure you get it right if you want to enjoy your smoking experience.

The key to cleaning your pipe is using the right products so that you don’t inhale toxic chemicals while you smoke.

You also need to take the time to clean your pipe on a regular basis. This is especially true if you smoke every day.

In the meantime, if you want more tips about cannabis, visit the Legal Ways to Get High blog today.

We share a breadth of weed-related posts as well as information on other legal substances that can get you high.

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To Bong or Not to Bong? The Pros and Cons of Using a Marijuana Water Pipe

Posted on Oct 19, 2018 in Legal Cannabis

To Bong or Not to Bong? The Pros and Cons of Using a Marijuana Water Pipe

The potential value of the marijuana industry is enormous. Some analysts estimate that it could be a billion dollar industry once fully legalized.

One area of the industry that is already booming is bong sales. Water pipes are already legal to sell anywhere in the United States, and smoking enthusiasts worldwide have been using them to get high for decades.

Bongs can be intimidating for new smokers. Their size and perceived complexity can scare newbies away. But they’re popular for a reason: bong smoking produces a number of benefits that are attractive to smokers new and old.

If you’re unsure if a marijuana water pipe is right for you, educating yourself on them is a great way to come to a concrete decision. Below, we’ll walk you through the pros and cons of water pipes and everything you need to know about how they work.

The Pros of Bong Smoking

As you’ve likely seen in a number of movies and television programs, bongs are incredibly popular for avid smokers. This is because they provide a number of benefits that make smoking easier and more pleasant.

Smoother Smoke

One of the biggest benefits of a bong is how it affects the quality of marijuana smoke. The heated water in a bong can help to kill off bacteria while simultaneously cooling it to a comfortable temperature.

This helps to create smoke that won’t irritate or “scratch” a smoker’s throat in the way that a cigar, cigarette, or blunt might. In addition to the general sense of comfort, the smoother smoke can help reduce the chance of smoking-related illnesses such as bronchitis.

Easy for Newcomers

A water bong does have a little bit of learning curve to it, but that doesn’t make it a bad option for beginners. The smoother smoke is actually a lot easier on the lungs, and can save newbies smokers a lot of coughing and hacking on their first hits.

A bong also requires shallower and shorter breaths to make it work. This can make easing into the smoking experience easier than it would with a dry pipe or other smoking apparatus.

Simple To Maintain

A water pipe doesn’t require much to work to keep it clean and running smoothly. All the user needs to do is ensure that they refresh the water in the reservoir after each use. Outside of this replenishment, a good bong owner will want to wash the pieces with smoke every so often to keep it clean and attractive.

Outside of these very simple steps, a bong should stay efficient and effective for years to come.

Pleasantly Decorative

All other benefits aside, a bong can be an interesting and visually attractive to your home.

Bongs are made in a variety of interesting shapes, colors, and designs, and selecting models that attract your eye can be just as enjoyable as the high you’ll get from using them.

The Cons of Bong Smoking

Not everything with water bongs is always picture perfect, however. There’s a number of downsides to bong use that any and all should be aware of before picking one up.

Water Bongs Can Be Germ Collectors

Bongs can be host to a nasty collection of bacteria, germs, and other less than pleasant microorganisms. This is especially true if the owner of said bong isn’t taking the proper steps in cleaning their bong after each use.

Plastic and aluminum bong models have proven to be especially susceptible to germ-carrying. It can be easier to get sick or catching someone else’s illness when using a bong. There have even been stories, albeit rare, of people catching tuberculosis from bong-sharing.

Harder To Get To The High

The same water filtration process that results in smoother hits also makes it a bit harder to reach one’s desired high. As smoke is filtered through cold water, some tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is trapped and filtered out of the smoke.

The result is less potent hits from water bongs, as THC is the chemical that gets you high. This means the smokers will need to smoke more to reach the high they desire.

Bongs Are Fragile

The most popular and common types of bongs are glass bongs. This is because they’re nicer looking and retain fewer germs than plastic varieties.

The downside is that a quick topple off the living room coffee table can spell a quick end to your bong’s life. Many bongs are broken from such falls, drops, and topples. If your bong breaks there’s nothing you can do but buy another one. It might be a cost you don’t want to stomach.

Smelly, Stinky Water

Many frequent bong users will tell you stories that will curl your toes about bong sessions ruined by rank bong water. Because of the chemicals and bacteria that bong water filters out, it can become quickly dirty.

The smell of this water can be very strong. No exaggeration when we say that bong water is very likely the smelliest water you’ll ever smell. Proper cleaning and replenishing of water can help prevent this, but forgetting even once can leave a nasty stench on your home.

Not Exactly Inconspicuous

Water bongs are big, plain and simple. Unlike joints or pipes, which can be fairly easily snuck out and used in public and on the go, a bong likely won’t be able to be used outside the safety of your living room.

This isn’t necessarily a big knock on bongs. After all, your living room is a pretty perfect place to get stoned. But if you can only invest in one type of smoking apparatus, being able to bring it with you anywhere might be an important point.

Using A Marijuana Water Pipe

Bong smoking is endlessly popular, and the benefits of using such a smoking apparatus can’t be understated. But understanding the pros and cons of a marijuana water pipe can help keep your expectations in line and aid you in making the best purchasing decision.

Want more weed info, advice and tips? Check out our blog for more.

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